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Casper : The Friendly Ghost

There are those who wonder if ghosts or spirits are beings of paranormal or a fantasy created by our minds in times of stress. Casper is a film that falls between these two boundaries. The story is about ghosts trapped in our world but given that they only communicate with a section of people. Many wonders if Casper was a make-believe friend with supernatural abilities.

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The Greatest Showman – Film Review

The circus was a family affair where you could sit inside a giant circus tent and watch acts be performed before your eyes. Beneath the glam and wonder, lies a deeper meaning to the actors performing for the audience. The circus were the first versions of freak shows creating unique acts for the spectator’s amusement. The Greatest Showman shows that everyone wants to find a place where they belong.

The Dragon Haunting the Mist
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The Dragon Haunting the Mist – A Poem

S. Thomas Summers, is a Pushcart nominated poet, is the author of Private Hercules McGraw: Poems of the American Civil War and The Journals of Lt. Kendall Everly, both published by Anaphora Literary Press. He teaches literature, philosophy, and writing at Wayne Hills High School and Passaic County Community College in Wayne and Paterson New Jersey, respectively.

Monster House
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Monster House – Film Review

What would you do if you build a home for the love of your life only to lose her? Would you complete the building knowing that it would make her happy? Knowing that by honoring a memory you could be trapping a spirit in the human world? Image Movers created the film Monster House, showing what occurring when a spirit is trapped inside a man-made object.

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A Love Letter to The Phantom of the Opera

Is a man born a monster or is he created through his trials in life? Should a person that is labelled a genius allowed to run uncheck inside a phantom house forcing others to do his bidding? Susan Kay’s Phantom reveals the story behind the mask revealing the story of the Phantom of the Opera and how he ended up as Christine’s Angel of Music.


Three Days Grace of Music

Gothic Bite Magazine

I was first introduced to the Canadian rock group, Three Days Grace, from one of my friends.

She was a fan of rock bands and had recently seen them in concert. Good rock, good lyrics, good music!

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The Phantom’s Plight Poem

Gothic Bite Magazine

Gothic Bite Magazine is now opening their gates to all authors who would enjoy sharing their work with the public. We welcome all writers, from the enthusiasts to the professionals.

This week, we are sharing the poetic work of our Emberly L. Summers. Enjoy her love for the Phantom!

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Coco Film Review

It’s interesting to see how people around the world celebrates Halloween. Pixar’s Coco introduced views of Mexican culture and their celebration of the Day of the Dead. The film also reveals how important family is and the memories of loved ones that are no longer in the Land of the Living.


The Phantom of the Opera 2004 Movie Review

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I have always enjoyed films starring the Scottish actor Gerard Butler, after watching his impressive role in the retelling of the paranormal legend, Dracula in the film Dracula 2000 released the same year as the title.

Now here’s The Phantom of the Opera 2004 movie review.

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