Sherwood Asylum - A Book of Poetry - Rose Maze by Luna Nyx Frost
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Sherwood Asylum – A Book of Poetry

I have met Emberly and Luna nearly three years ago online. I was barely starting to share my art on various social media, joined a group and was asked to be a concept artist by Emberly.

Later on, Luna joined the conversation and suddenly, it was not about the work anymore, but the friendship that grew.


Luna the Porcelain Doll

Luna appeared to me as quiet, closed to the outside world, in her own world with her own rules. Sensitive in her own way, she appeared more like a porcelain doll. Everything is in the eyes, while the outside is hard like a rock, but when reading her words you understand that her world is more emotional than most.


Luna Nyx Frost - Author Picture
Luna Nyx Frost – Author Picture


She had told me that there was a place calling her home, as if a part of her belonged across the Atlantic Ocean on an old island that have made the Middle Ages a most bloody and to this day it has a street dating back to those days… England.

“Lightning gave life to this uninhabited corpse. Fuzed together into a living jigsaw made up of bones and flesh. A treasure trove of unmarked graves led to my completion.” – Luna Nyx Frost, Frankenstein’s Monster, Gothic Bite Magazine

Her love for ancient history was not a surprise when mentioning her love about the old aristocratic country. When she shared her experience about visiting London in her article, it was clear to me that her love for the Dark Ages was more than only superficial romance like most.

Tower - London Tower
Tower – London Tower


To share her love of the old, she even went to the extend of participating in live action role playing games. She had clothing made for her, shopped for them and created characters for herself so she could participate in fantasy plays sharing her love of the medieval inspired worlds. She even shared her experiences in the LARP community with us at Gothic Bite Magazine.

Eyes of a Poet

It a almost a year before my wedding that I asked Emberly and Luna to be my bridesmaids. They had both kindly accepted, and not long before they would take the bus to come all the way up to Canada, near Montreal, they told me about their low vision.

It was not a secret, they have talked to me about it before, but this time they went more in details and as I’ve come to know them more and more, I haven’t realized the challenge they face everyday.


Sherwood Asylum - A Book of Poetry - Raven Queen by Luna Nyx Frost
Sherwood Asylum – A Book of Poetry – Raven Queen by Luna Nyx Frost


Luna has written a part of her adventure in the LARP community and playing with a low vision like her own. Her eyes are wide open to what is close to most of us. It sees things we would never see and only dream to understand.

Her eyes are unique and knows no end when seeing colors emanating from bodies she doesn’t know. Her sensitivity to the other side, the one we don’t know, is felt like as if it tried to compensate for a keen vision she does not possess.


Blur - Limited Vision
Blur – Limited Vision


Her eyes are a doorway to an infinite waterfall of words that only her can place in order to bring us lines of true felt emotions.

Luna’s Readings

Sensitive to the other side and her keen intuition had her test her abilities throughout the years with finesse. Her love for the darkness was not one of an obscure soul, but one of a poet.

Alone doesn’t mean lonely, and she knew it very well. In her head, in her mind and dreams, she had seen words and wrote it down so that one day it would be shared with everyone.

“The buoy creates coverage for the ultimate game of the hide and seek. Mistaken for the common gator, yet I have more than just reptilian features. A savage death awaits those foolish enough to enter my glade.” – Luna Nyx Frost, Swamp Monster, Gothic Bite Magazine

But she also shared the paranormal visions and experiences she had witnessed when seeing beings that had been, but was no more.

Tarot Cards

More than once it had happened. Sometimes an emotion would overcome her own and that’s how she would know, the other side is nearer than we think.

She even wrote why not to play with Ouija Boards and one article wasn’t enough about the spirit board.


Sherwood Asylum - A Book of Poetry - Marionette by Luna Nyx Frost
Sherwood Asylum – A Book of Poetry – Marionette by Luna Nyx Frost


Luna is not only a poet and writer for Gothic Bite Magazine, she also is a Tarot Reader and about to take a course in Runes Reading as well. Her gift that she has embrace and learn to control is something that is unique to her and makes her quite a fantasy being of her own.

Luna The Fae

Because of her great abilities that permits her to perceive auras, to feel Tarot cards, the other side and be extra sensitive to multiple energies, has her being very close to nature where she can find peace and quiet.

Luna is very close to animals and woodlands and her inspiration comes from it as it is easy to read it through her various poems that reflects her mental state.




She has a great affinity with faeries that she shows in many of her work and her beliefs or even in some colors that she enjoys wearing. Natural and true, Luna shares in her Sherwood Asylum – A Book of Poetry all that she loves, despises, fear and endure. It is a work of a true Fae that often hides in the night to be her true self.


Sherwood Asylum - A Book of Poetry - Star Gazer by Luna Nyx Frost
Sherwood Asylum – A Book of Poetry – Star Gazer by Luna Nyx Frost


Her way of living even inspired both her and Emberly to take charge of the blog Fantasy Realm that I couldn’t run anymore and barely even touched. They made it their own and now, it is a place where they both share their love for various fandoms they have an affinity with.

Sherwood Asylum

In her own faerie twisted way, Luna has created an anthology of her favorite poems that she has written over the years and delivered a finished product that is most touching to read.

Her passion and creative mind, unique and dark at times, reflects her true desire to be a poet, author and creator of many fantasy stories and poetry to come.


Sherwood Asylum - A Book of Poetry by Luna Nyx Frost
Sherwood Asylum – A Book of Poetry by Luna Nyx Frost


You can buy your own copy of Sherwood Asylum – A Book of Poetry on Amazon for only $3.98 USD and enjoy over fifty of her poems.

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