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Infatuation with Faeries

Many young girls grow up on the concept that the world is filled with tiny light or beings called fey. There is more to the concept then what is spoken about in faery tales. For the fey are magical beings with connections to the realm of nature. In some cases, they are more human than they appear.

Most people split the fey realm into two courts, the Seelie and Unseelie. The Seelie court means happiness, luck and blessing; while the Unseelie court means unholy, unhappy and misfortune. The Seelie court is better known as the court of light, are those who give gifts to humans hoping to aide them or teach them lessons along the way. They see pranks as a method to teach humans who have hurt or offended them. They are tricksters but the pranks they play are light-hearted in nature.


The Unseelie court is the court of darkness. They see humans as pets and attack humans intending to cause them harm. The unseelie court travel at night attacking travelers on their journey home, while the Seelie court appear during the day. They each have a time of year when their courts are allowed into the human world. For the Seelie court it’s during Midsummer the first day of spring representing rebirth and new life. The Unseelie court has Yule the first day of winter representing death and a time for eternal sleep.

Items of Wonder

Many people claim to have seen the fey by the circles of mushrooms known as faery circles discovered in woods and clearings. These rings are said to be fey portals from the magical realm to the human world. People can also plant fairy bushes which attracts butterflies and, in some cases, small spites or pixies have been spotted. Most people claim that Ireland is the best place for search for portals of the fey.

Marked by Fey

As a child, I have always been entranced by the fey realm. My mother still tells stories about how I would run around sprinkling people with my pixie dust. When I got older, I would look up stories about the fey trying to learn as much as I could about them. I have always felt as if I was marked by the fey and that I was under the protection of their magic. To some this may sound odd or even silly that the fey do not give out their gifts to humans. Yet what proof is there that says I’m wrong?


Furthermore, there is much about the fey realm that humans have yet to discover. Despite there being no proof that fey exist there is a realm of magic outside of our own. The fey have been mentioned in different forms of media and culture showcasing the worlds fascination with their beings with wings. Its clear that calling them by a different name or showcasing them in a different form, one fact remains. That to a childlike mind or an adult with imagination, they will always believe in the fey.

Now, shush, I’m trying to read,

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