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Digimon: Digital Monsters

I have always loved cartoons and animation. The graphics and time devoted to character development, paved way for unique stories told through television. Anime or animated cartoons features visual cartoons illustrated and voiced by Japanese actors that is translated in English or features English subtitles. In the 90s, the television show Digimon was created. Its creators were hopeful for its success after the launch of other children’s animated shows.

What are Digimon

Digimon are creatures that resemble monsters that exists in a parallel universe known as “The Digital World, which is parallel to our own universe. Digimon hatch from eggs and after bonding with tamers or digi destined. Humans that appear in the digital world through a portal, they can grow or evolve.  A process called digivolution an evolutions transformation that increase powers and strength.


In Japan, Digimon first appeared as virtual pets like the Tamagotchi, which were small digital pets that children could feed and interact with. The Digimon toys were released in 1997 and became popular amongst young children in Japan. It was introduced to America in 1998. Thanks to its popularity, many other toys have ben created, such as trading cards, board games, and video games. Direct to DVD films were released as an animated series in 1999 created by Akiyoshi Hongo, that was dubbed in English for American viewers on Fox Kids.

Digimon: Animated Series

Digimon Adventures is the first of many seasons of the Japanese anime, Digimon: Digital Monsters. The series features a group of children, who are spending their summer at camp until they are transported to the Digi World. Each child is given a Digivice with a Digimon, they discover that together they are the digi destined, tasked with saving the Digi World from evil.


While exploring the Digital World in their quest to find a way home, the children learn that digi destined, are children chosen base on strong personality traits. They are compatible with Digimon and brought to the Digi World to stop evil Digimon. The second season, Digimon: Adventures 02, which featured the same characters as the first season, with the exception that three years has passed as the digi destined are all now in high school. A third installment of the Adventure universe premised in 2014, with another three-year time jump, titled Digimon: Adventures Tri.


The third series in the franchise, was called Digimon: Tamers, and was released in 2001. In this series, the digi destined are referred to as tamers, and by sliding game cards through their digivices can power up their Digimon. This feature of using different cards featuring different attributes and abilities for the Digimon is reminiscent of the trading card game.


The fourth series in the franchise, was called Digimon: Frontier, and was released in 2002. It introduces a different mechanism for Digimon to evolve known as spirit evolution. The characters use their digivice to transform into a special Digimon called Legendary Warriors. Three years after Digimon: Frontier, another series was launched Digimon: Savers in 2006.    Another three-year hiatus occurred before the release of Digimon: Xros Wars in 2010. Both Digimon: Savers and Digimon: Xros Wars tried adding a more realistic spin to the franchise by trying to include elements from the real world instead of only focusing on the Digi World. The series was presumed finished, until the fifteenth anniversary of Digimon: Adventure in 2014.

My Love of Digimon

I have always enjoyed the Digimon: Adventures storylines over the other series in the Digimon franchise. It was my first introduction to the series, and instantly felt like I could relate to the characters. The bright colors of the Digital World draw you in, with its dark themes the characters are faced to endure. I enjoy the writers can take chances to explore different characters and ideas, and then go back to the series that started its success.


Furthermore, over the years, the creators and writers of Digimon have tried to branch out expanding their universe. Digimon has created its own fan base creating characters that the viewers can relate to as teens and adults. The fans will continue to come back to see what new adventures awaits the Digi Destined and their loyal Digimon. Waiting to see the day where peace finally reigns over the Digital World.

Burned it!

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