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Luck and Logic

There is mot many animes that mix action, family, and mythology into a show. Yet Luck and Logic was able to combine these three factors without the show appearing cheesy or overcrowded with ideas. The show focuses on the typical team of teenagers yet unlike other shoes and anime the focus is based on helping the innocents even those that deny help in the first place.

Luck & Logic Plo

Luck and Logic is a futuristic series, set in the year L.C. 922. Logicalists are a special task force assigned with protecting the civilians of the mystical city of Tetraheaven from demons. The Another Logic Counter Agency (A.L.C.A) was designed after the end of the one-hundred-year war with Logicalists and demons. Logicalists are given special powers to aid them in combat. The special power comes from forming a bond with goddesses from another world.

Luck & Logic Characters

Yoshichika Tsurugi is the main protagonist of the series. He arrives in Tetraheaven after losing his logicalist ability in Hong Kong after using Over Trace. He is discovered by Athena, the Goddess of wisdom and victory, who holds his logicalist card allowing humans to create contracts with the foreigners. They are a perfect match because both stride to protect the innocent even those they barely know. Yoshichika is a straightforward and compassionate person that sees both humans and gods as equals. His goal is to prevent others from suffering by sacrificing himself in the process.

Yoshichika Tsurugi
Luck & Logic- Yoshichika Tsurugi

Mana Asuha is reserved at showing her emotions and can be resourceful when protecting those she cares about. She can be seen having a short temper when provoked. She is considered a sharp shooter or a sniper with the Goddess of the moon, Artemis as her partner. Mana uses Artemis ability as a gun shooting moon beams as lasers, and the ability to merge with shadows.

Mana Asuha
Luck & Logic – Mana Asuha

Olga Breakchild originally was a mentor of the group using his Logicalists to predict success and failure for the team. He lacks the ability to create a contract with the foreigners. He ends up with Lucifer, the King of the underworld, who tricks Olga into creating a contract. Lucifer claims wants to help those infected from being caught in the zones that appear around the foreigners.

Olga Breakchild
Luck & Logic – Olga Breakchild

However, Olga tries to prevent Lucifer from harming his team being forced into Over Trace, which allows the God and host to become one. Olga is calm and collective when first introduced being a mentor to Yoshichika and a protector of Mana. He becomes consumed by his quest to find a contract feeling left out and overshadowed by the others.
Tamaki Yurine and her partner Venus, the Goddess of love and beauty, were the commanders of the Naten team until Yoshichika arrived and took over. Tamaki has the personality of a school’s student president. She completes tasks to the letter and expects others to follow her lead. She is hard working and cares about appearances. She sees all life as being precious and will not take a life even those of a foe.

Tamaki Yurine
Luck & Logic – Tamaki Yurine

Chole Maxwell is an energetic and bubbly teenager who works with the foreigner Valkyrie, the Goddess of war. She is headstrong and known for taking matters into her own hands, usually ignoring orders given to her by Veronica. She is loyal to her friends and has made a personal promise to protect Tamaki with her life.

Chole Maxwell
Luck * Logic0 Chole Maxwell

Yukari Nanahoshi is the newest member of the Naten A.L.C.A team. She was the manager of a high school soccer team before being forced to leave and join the team. Yukari is a bit clumsy, but she is kind hearted and a hard worker doing her best to learn all she can to become a helpful member of the team. She sees the good in everyone which led her to creating a contract with Quetzalcoatl, the God of intelligence and self-reflection, that was a villainous personality until meeting Yukari.

Yukari Nanahoshi
Luck & logic – Yukari Nanahoshi

Veronica Ananko holds a contract with the minor Goddess Nemesis who represents wraith and punishment. Veronica is a strict and no-nonsense woman who is the chief of the Naten branch of ALCA. She acts as the support for the younger Logicalists yet after an incident holds a secret for revenge against all foreigners. She expects all her orders to be followed and will not tolerate those that question them.

Veronica Ananko
Luck & Logic- Veronica Ananko

Personal View

I enjoyed the show because it did a good job mixing mythology with the concept of protecting those you care for. I was sad that it only lasted for one season, yet it was clear by the cliffhanger ending that there were concepts for a second season. I would give this show an eight out of ten due to its story and character development.

Luck & Logic
Luck & Logic

An interesting twist being that it was clear that Lucifer would be the main villain in the series but not that he would trick Olga into becoming his partner. What was lacking was that there was not a lot of focus on those of the supporting cast. I would have enjoyed more development for their backstories.

Furthermore, it’s clear that the anime focuses on the family you are given by blood and those you choose to call family by your heart. The anime took a unique spin on personal issues people face when trying to find their place and figuring out who they are. Showing that anyone that is lost can be saved even those who give into the darkness. For they are only truly lost when people give up on trying to save them.

Now, shush, I’m trying to read,

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