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Sailor Moon: The Pretty Guardians

Animated cartoons have always held my attention due to the story arch and animation. I would watch these cartoons and feel a connection to the characters and the life problems they are going through. Sailor Moon was the first anime I was introduced to featuring a female protagonist working with a female team.

Sailor Moon is a Japanese anime adapted from the manga, Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi. The anime was loosely based on the manga and its characters airing from 1991 to 1994, with a translation to English dub. The second run of the anime, Sailor Moon Crystal, aired in 2014, with a direct adaption of the manga and is currently still airing both in Japan and in the United States.

Sailor Moon Plot

Sailor Moon follows high school student Usagi Tsukino, from Minato, Tokyo. After rescuing a talking cat named Luna, she learns she is Sailor Moon, the lost Moon Princess of the Moon Kingdom. She meets other sailor scouts along the way; Ami Mizuno as Sailor Mercury. Rei as Sailor Mars. Makoto Kino as Sailor Jupiter, and Minako Aino as Sailor Venus. Together they fight off evil in the name of justice and to protect those they love.

Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon

Along the way, they’re joined by Mamoru Chiba as Tuxedo Mask, who is secretly searching for the Moon Princess. He helps Sailor Moon and the other sailor scouts to safe guard the silver crystal yet has no clue that Usagi is the Moon Princess he is searching for. Tuxedo Mask is in love with the Moon Princess and is identified as being the defender of Earth from the Moon Kingdom.

Personal View

Sailor Moon is known to anime lovers as a classic, as it was a beloved cartoon that has a huge fan base. Whether I’m at a comic con convention, or anime cosplay groups, there is always at least one person dressed up as one of the sailor scouts. It shows how popular the show continues to be when you start to sing lyrics of the catchy theme song, then others join in to sing it with you.

Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon

My favorite character is Usagi because of her bubbly personality and a big heart. She can be a cry baby and resistant to her duties as Sailor Moon, but once her friends are in danger she is quick to take charge and step into action. She is seen as a daydreamer and spends many hours drooling over Tuxedo Mask, a masked hero who saves Sailor Moon and eventually falls in love with her. Interesting enough Tuxedo Mask, whose real name is Mamoru, teases Usagi calling her meatball head because of her hairstyle resembling two meatballs.

Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon

Furthermore, throughout the years since the release of Sailor Moon, there has been numerous adaptions from the manga ranging from animated films to both emendations of the manga adapted into anime, I will always remember it as the first series that introduced me to anime, as I have been a fan of anime since then.

Burned it!

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