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A Puck Wild Tale- A Poem

Aria Ligi is an independent scholar who has been writing for over forty years. She has a great love of history, and, the English Romantics. She has a Bachler’s Degree in Writing from San Francisco State University and graduated top of her class. Temple of Love and Blood, Bone and Stone are two of her earlier works.

She has been published most recently in October Hill, Z Publication’s New York’s Best Emerging Poets anthology, Light Journal: Issues Three, and four, the Australian Times, and University of South Dakota’s Vermillion Literary Project annual chapbook. She has appeared frequently on Progressive News Network’s Blog Talk Radio, reading her work and promoting good poetry. Currently, she is the Editor in Chief for New Poetry, an online international digest.

Aria Ligi
Aria Ligi

You can peruse her blog, which contains samples of her work.



A Puck Wild Tale

O’ sweet Oberon do not fret thru love’s trails we two met.
And loved and frolicked and been at play,
Lutes lilting er lulled held us in their after sway.
Then in a choir, a mortal beast
Traipsed me heart scaling rosiest peaks.
But in the dark and quiet hours, nestled in leaf and bower,
Our kingdom holds me in its power.

And I yr Queen unshakable gleaming,
Turn and muse, hum neath the flinty ruse.
Upon our warming days,
The lip o’er yr pipe,
The mounds o’ faerie’s gossamer light,
Sing and willow in my ears, a litany still so dear,
Clefts er notes on the path and a wanderlust embedded fast.                                                 

aria Ligi
Lady Caroline, artist Thomas Lawrence, circa 1805, oil on canvas, public domain

A Puck Wild Tale is from Vol. X of my unpublished Romantic Series and was written for Lady Caroline Lamb. This poem is about her cousin Hart, later the Duke of Devonshire, who in their childhood professed that she was Tatiana and he Oberon.


They created together a world consisting of faeries and pure imagination. Hart wanted to marry her and was distraught when she married William Cavendish instead. Though Lady Caroline is mostly remembered for her outrageous behavior, and being the lover of Lord Byron, she was also a prolific writer and poet.

10 thoughts on “A Puck Wild Tale- A Poem”

  1. Ms Ligi, a Poet and sage for the ages, brings a warmth and a delicacy that would melt a glacier, or weaken a tyrants Stoney knee.
    Aria’s light and lyric touch carves such exhilaration and gossamer dreams her treatment of moments of depth and feeling range from eighteenth century literary figures to a lovers blush of tomorrow. Timeless and eternal her pen dances across our hearts shining like a Blakean hero.
    More than a superb example of a romantic poet she has combined a resilience in her work as Poetry Editor and has guided many living poets like Orpheus out of the silence and darkness to a larger brighter world in her work as editor and at times publisher and designer of New Poetry.
    I have the great honor to call her friend and colleague and constantly marvel at her power to illuminate the romance and beauty of hearts across the ages.


  2. Lyrically very beautiful, magical even, and yes one feels the strong Romantic influence, but Shakespearean too in its lightness and flightiness, almost, of tone. A major achievement really for someone in the modern world to be able to write like this and conjure up such imagery.


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