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God of War – Krato’s Journey

In Greek mythology Cronos was the youngest child of the Titans Gaia and Uranus. He was the father of Zeus and his siblings. Zeus was tasked with defeating his father and claiming his throne. This story arch is the basis for the Sony hack/ slash franchise God of War created by David Jaffe.

The Legend of Kratos

Kratos was a warrior in the Spartan army. He slayed his enemies under the banner of Ares the God of war until being tricked into killing his wife and daughter. He turns to Athena the Goddess of wisdom and victory for guidance. After killing his family Kratos was cursed given the nickname the ghost of Sparta due to his ashen skin and swords forged to his skin. Through trials and the discovery of Pandora’s box he defeated Ares and took the title of God of war. In the rest of the series Kratos goes after the remaining Gods and Titans wishing to wipe them from existence.

Trials of The Gods

In the games created for the God of War series each game has a goal that the player must complete. Each game focuses with an item that is well-known in Greek mythology. In the first game, Kratos must receive Pandora’s Box. A box that Pandora opened due to her curiosity and released disease and darkness and into the world trapping hope inside.

god of war
god of war

In the second game, Kratos seeks out the three sisters of fate to prevent his death by the hands of Zeus the God of Thunder. The sisters see the past, present, and future. Weaving the threads of life and cutting them once a person’s life has come to an end. In the third game, Kratos is tasked with stealing fire Olympian Flame. Hestia is the Goddess of the Hearth and her task is to keep the flame burning knowing that when it goes out Olympian has fallen signaling the end of the Gods.

Personal Perception

I enjoyed playing this series with the story arch keeping me wanting to find out what occurred next to the fallen hero and to see what trial he would be forced to overcome. The game made sure what it revealed about Greek mythology was accurate knowing that people would be comparing the game to the lore. I would give the series a six out of ten rating for the historical accuracy and combat.

god of war
god of war

There are some parts of the game that were a pain while playing. Each game had a boss that took a long time to defeat. The worst was in the first game were you had to travel the desert looking for sirens to kill. The bright background with women in light blue dresses were difficult to see. Despite this I still found myself playing the games more than once enjoying the content and imagery.

god of war
god of war

Furthermore, many fans enjoy the series because it brings new life to old Greek myth and legends. The game allows players to battle the Gods and learn a bit about Ancient Greece along the way. While playing as the man character they take on monsters and meet those punished by the Gods. By making Kratos a fallen hero. Players are forcing to wonder where Kratos stands and if he’s really the hero or villain of the series. For most people see the world in black and white fewer see it in grey.

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