Kingdom Hearts
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Kingdom Hearts: Disney Magic

It comes as no surprise that a video game base on Disney with a mix of Final Fantasy characters would have a large following. At the last E3 convention the last game in the series Kingdom Hearts III was showcased to the public. The game would marks the conclusion of Sora and his adventures. There are many who attend conventions dressed as different key blade wielder and others dressed as members of Organization XIII.

Game Structure

There are currently ten installments to the series each showing a different point in time, but each help tell the main story. The story starts out with the key blade master Aqua, Terra, and Vin visit the other worlds to defeat the darkness that infects people’s hearts visiting different Disney realms. Xehanort uses Vin to create the key to Kingdom Hearts a realm full of darkness only to fail. Terra is possessed by him and Aqua is lost inside Kingdom Hearts seeking a way out.

Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts

Ten years later Sora, Riku, and Kairi are living on an island planning an escape to visit other worlds. Their island is destroyed by the heartless and the three are separated. Sora goes on adventures saving the world as a key blade wielder with the aid of Goofy and Donald. At first, Riku is another victim of the darkness but in the end proves himself and with the aid of King Mickey helps close the door to Kingdom Hearts. Now the last battle is about to begin between Xehanort and his organization and the wielder of the keys.

Heroes Versus Villains

There are too many characters to simplify list in order. However, there are categories that each character is placed in. These are key blade wielders, Disney characters and villains, Final fantasy characters, and organization XIII. Each group has their own leader and goals. Key bladders are the heroes of the story which include Sora, Kairi, Riku, King Mickey, Lee, Aqua, Terra Vin, and Roxas.

Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts

Each can summon blades in the form of keys allowing them to defeat the heartless and lock the doors to the different worlds. Everyone knows who Maleficent is, she’s the dark faery from Sleeping Beauty. She is the leader of the other villains from Disney films who are aiding the organization to gain enough power to rule the world.

Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts

The worlds are important because they help keep the darkness at bay and to save the light seven princesses of heart which include Kairi, Belle, Alice, Cinderella, Aurora, Jasmine, and Snow White. The Organization XIII is made up of thirteen nobodies lead by Xehanort and nobodies those who have lost their heart to the darkness. Roxas is the nobody of Sora that exisited when he released Kairi’s heart.

Why It’s Popular

Many fans enjoy the game because it is a reminder of their childhood. Many people grew up watching Disney movies and fell in love with different characters from the films. Others enjoy the characters created by Square Enix. Many enjoy the sweetheart Kairi the goof ball Sora, and the dark and confident Riku.

Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts

The company has not shied away from having mature content mixed in with the Disney magic. The games questions friendships, relationships. And what people will do to protect those they care about. For me I enjoyed that there is no clear concept of hero and villain that in the end it’s what you think is right even when your methods are questioned by others.

Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts

Furthermore, the game is enjoyable because the series is focus on Disney which all children have grown up watching and enjoying the genre. The series focuses on what makes a hero allowing those that were once the villain a second chance instead of condemning them for their mistakes. Many fans feel connected to the story finding connections to different characters in the games. That in life we are all given the option of following the light or darkness in our hearts. Even those who fall to darkness can one day return to the side of the light.

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