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Our Fantasy Realm Launch

Today, August 12, 2018 marked our offical launch for the blog. After many technical difficulties, we peserbered and managed to get thrpihj the Facebook Live successfully. We introduced all of the writers that work hard to make the blog shine. We than discussed what we love about the things covered in  fantasy, and than answered fun questions from the viewers. We hope that the blog will help us grow and expand.

The video ran for an hour covering a range of topics from video games, anime, manga, film. And television series that relates to fantasy and why we like them. It was interesting to discuss if fantasy creatures such as mermaids, dragons, and faeries truly existed or not.

Our Fantasy Realm Launch
Our Fantasy Realm Launch

Thank you, Alexa Wayne without her help the blog wouldn’t existed. She has always supported us and even helped create the website the lovely blog exists on. Thank you, Aria Ligi for adding lovely poetry to the website and adding another dynamic to the blog.

Burned it!

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