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Tinkerbell: Tinker Faery

Many people are familiar with the little faery seen in Disney’s Peter Pan, known as Tinkerbell or Tink. Tinkerbell is a fiery, short-tempered woman that is strongly possessive and loyal to her friend Peter Pan. The magical dust that she wields, known as pixie dust, is a magical dust collected from a tree in Pixie Hallow, helps gives items and people flight. Her name comes from the sound of a bell the sound people hear when she talks since only Peter and other faeries can understand her.

Disney’s Peter Pan

Peter Pan is an adaption of the novel and screenplay by Scottish playwright J. M. Barrie. The Disney film was released in 1953 and follows Wendy and her two brothers John and Michael who met Peter Pan. When the magical boy stumbles into their London home searching for his shadow. Wendy and her brothers are whisked away to Neverland with Peter and his friend Tinkerbell. They learn that those in Neverland never grow up and get to be kids forever. They help Peter defeat his nemesis, Captain Hook, and return home.

Pixie Hollow

Disney and Interactive Studios created Pixie Hollows, which is the heart of Neverland and it is where all the faeries reside. An old maple tree is home to hundreds of faeries. Each area of Pixie Hollow covers a season and are known as Autumn Forest, Summer Glade, Spring Valley, and Winter Woods. Each faery helps protect Pixie Hollow and are gifted with different talents. Tinkerbell is gifted with tinkering and the gift of creating inventions.

Personal View

I have always loved the cynical pixie over the other characters portrayed in Peter Pan. Yes, she can seem possessive of Peter, telling the Lost Boys to shoot her out of the sky, but she is also loyal risking her life to save Peter from a bomb that was sent as a gift from Wendy that Captain Hook had written in her handwriting. She always uses her wits to ensure a fair fight when Peter is going up against Captain Hook. In other adaptions of the character, she is quick to defend her friends from her enemies.


Furthermore, despite Tinkerbell being seen as Peter Pan’s friend and ally, many assume she is his sidekick. Her ability to craft inventions and manipulate her foes to get her way makes her one faery you shouldn’t underestimate.

Burned it!

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