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Disney World – A Poem

Aria Ligi, editor of New Poetry Magazine, suggested I check out some fantastic poems by Dominic Windram. He had submitted some poetry to her, and she thought it would be something that fit my interests. Well, Aria was right, immediately, I became transfixed by Dominic’s elegant word choice and descriptive narrative.

Dominic Windram is a personal tutor from Hartlepool in the North East England. He teaches predominantly English and math. He has a master’s degree in Cultural Studies and a bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy and Psychology. Windram is currently undertaking a series of accredited online courses via Oxford University. He successfully completed several including: Greek Mythology and ‘Poetry of The First World War.

Disney World
Disney World

Windram recently had his poetry published by New Poetry Magazine by the editor, Aria Ligi. Also, he has just received a regular featured poetry slot on P.N.N Radio based in Miami. Windram has performed his work on the show on numerous occasions but the host Rick Spisak has recently offered him a more high-profile position as a Resident Poet and is going to perform The Orpheus on the show later this month.

Disney World
Disney World

Disney World

This is a thriving, perfect world
Where golden dreams dance into life;
With technology’s magic wand;
Sanctuary from today’s strife;
A cool, commoditized Eden
Of story book fantasies,
And clockwork pictures of living,
Before the Fall’s bitter coming.

Quaint symbols replaced by fresh signs;
Where one shalt always follow arrows;
Where one shalt always stand in line;
Directed by currents and flows.
Blasts of hyper reality,
At affordable rates for all,
With wondrous waiting worlds to see;
Childhood digitally recalled.

A world of great progress and perks:
Of journeys to stars that dazzle;
Of mad parades and fireworks;
Of bright, pink fairy tale castles;
Of hot dog and pop corn pleasures;
Of reckless, preposterous pirates;
Desperately hunting for treasure;
Of heroes that pluck love from hate;

Of cartoon images made flesh,
Providing plastic transcendence;
Where’s there no putrid scent of death;
Just a blurring of the senses –
(Just taste the sweet, swirling madness!)
Of immaculate scrubbed clean streets;
Of holidays all the year round;
Of grand, exotic mysteries;
Of international renown.

Compliant performers in costume
Radiate such rainbow tinged fun,
Like bold spring flowers in full bloom;
As cheerful as the summer sun.
There is always a song to sing
In swell, delightful Disney World.
There is always a neat ending
Where evil doers are defeated;

Where Mickey Mouse never ages;
For time has no meaning here.
The light of love shines on all faces;
For fairy dust removes all fears.
It’s the perfect place for us dreamers;
The price we pay is merely pride.
For we are passive consumers
Who like to be taken for a ride.

Disney World
Disney World

I would like to thank Dominic for sharing his work with me and others. To learn more about Dominic and his poetry, check out his Linkedin page  You can also check out the blog where his power is shared.

Burned it!

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