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Thor: God of Thunder

Many people that know the Gods of Norse mythology know of King Odin and his son Thor the God of Thunder. Many were reintroduced to the God while watching Avengers and his own movie series created by Marvel. Thor is seen as a champion among the Gods and mortal men.

God of Thunder

Many know that Thor is the God of Thunder and lighting storms but like other Norse Gods there are other skills including strength and the protection of mankind. Many Vikings prayed to Thor for protection in battles and strength against their enemies. Thor is the son of Odin the King of the Gods and Gaea the Goddess of Earth.  He ends up marrying the Goddess Sif and bears children with her. There are many tales about Thor and his battles with monster though one of my favorites is the one was he had to dress as a woman to gain back his hammer.


The tale goes that Thor’s hammer was missing so he sent Loki to the Land of Giants to seek answers. It was discovered to be hidden underground and would only be returned if Fregga the Goddess of love was brought to them. Thor dressed as Fregga and ventured to what was supposed to be the Wedding of Frigga and the frost giant before receiving his hammer as a wedding present.

Movie Magic

Thor was introduced to the fans of Marvel films in the first Avengers movie where he assisted the group in preventing Loki and aliens from destroying the world. He makes an appearance in the second Avengers film and the three spin-off films Thor, Thor: The Dark World, and Thor: Raganok. These films explain the Gods origin and the problems he must face in his own realm.

Personal Insight

Those that know me will inform you that I’m a fan of the trickster God Loki but I understand why so many cheer for the thunder God. Thor is a hero among Gods and men going into countless battles to protect others from danger. He is known for using his abilities to protect mankind yet at the same time acts as a show pony feeling the need to show off in front of others. I find him annoying, yet I know that there are others that see him as a symbol of hope.


Furthermore, during the Viking Era many tried to stay on Thor’s good side seeing how he controlled the weather which was vital when commanding ships. Many went as far as paining his hammer on their armor and helmets as a sign of good luck. People look up to him as a hero and an inspiration. For if a God can protect mankind then so too can mortal men.

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