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Thumbelina Review

Many people consider faerytales to be full of morals and teaching children how to behave. There are some tales that have no life lessons in them and are merely a tale for a child to enjoy. Thumbelina is one of these tales created by Hans Christian Anderson. His tale inspired a movie version of the story showing an animated version of his tale.

Thumbelina’s Tale

Hans Christian Anderson wrote the tale Thumbelina based off the story Tom Thumb, which is another fable were an old woman uses supernatural means to have a child. The tale is about a woman who is given a barleycorn in exchange for food to an old beggar woman. The flower reveals a tiny woman inside, which the woman named Thumbelina.


One night, Thumbelina is kidnapped by a toad who wants her as a bride for her son. Thumbelina is forced to deal with other suitors including a stag beetle and a mole. She escapes to a field of flowers where she discovers a male flower faery.

Film Adaptation

In 1994, 20th Century Fox released Thumbelina, the tale of the tiny girl Thumbelina, played by Jodi Benson, was brought onto the big screen. The story was given a few changes focusing more on a girl falling in love with a faery Prince Cornelius, played by Gsry Imboff, and her quest to get back to her true love. The story is told by a song bird named Jacqumio, played by Gino Conforti, that helps Thumbelina along her way by finding her prince and bringing Thumbelina to him.

Personal View

Despite how some people see the story I find the tale highly enjoyable. To this day, I still sing along to the songs from the film and watch the movie with my niece. I enjoy the simple story and how despite her tiny size Thumbelina can overcome difficult objectless. She stays true to herself despite others trying to tell her what to do Thumbelina sticks to her heart’s desires ensuring that no one changes her mind.


Furthermore, both versions of the tale of Thumbelina by 20th Century Fox and Han

s Christian Anderson explore her adventures. One is focused on the concept of love at first sight, while the other focuses on the adventures people take while growing up. Both tales are a play on the fey showing a little girl given the ability to fly after marrying a flower pixie. This idea is a concept based off songs created about the fey courts and what occurs to humans after they marry them. For who wouldn’t want a pair of wings as a gift after finding your soulmate?

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