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Witch Hunter Robin Review

It’s common in anime for characters to have special powers or unique abilities to assist them with their daily lives. Some are created while others are born with these gifts. In Witch Hunter Robin, their abilities are given in the form of magic making them casters on the wrong side of the law. Many might compare them to vigilantes, trying to use their gifts to stop crime instead of letting the justice system handle it.

Finding A Witch

Sunset created the series Witch Hunter Robin that focused on a secret global government branch in Japan caked Solomon Toukatsri Nin’idantai or STN-J for short. Its purpose is to fight harmful witches using a database to keep them in check. Witches are either born with their gifts or through genetic modifications. Robin is a member of STN-J but her fire powers have awakened allowing her to view both sides of the spectrum.

Witch Hunter Robin Characters

Robin Sena is the main protagonist of the series who was raised by the church to be a hunter. She can control fire yet only uses her powers when fighting other witches. She is quiet and reserved keeping her thoughts to herself. Her dream is a peaceful coexistence between humans and witches and hopes to assist the government in reaching this goal.

Witch Hunter Robin
Witch Hunter Robin

Amon is Robins partner, lover, and watcher giving the task of destroying her if she loses control of her powers. Amon carries the witch gene, but his powers has yet to be awakened.

Witch Hunter Robin
Witch Hunter Robin

Haruto Sakaki is a hothead, short-tempered hunter that fears he will be quickly replaced by Robin due to them both being new members of the team. He is known for running into fights without thinking leading to Amon or Robin saving him during missions.

Witch Hunter Robin
Witch Hunter Robin

Michael Lee is the team’s computer expert and hacker. He’s a hunter that is trapped in the office being denied the pleasures of leaving the office building.

Witch Hunter Robin
Witch Hunter Robin

Miho Kaeasuma is Robin’s mentor teaching Robin how to gain control over her abilities. Miho can sense strong emotions and thoughts attached to items in a person’s possession. She can see past events that take place around the object assisting with crime scenes and cases.

Witch Hunter Robin
Witch Hunter Robin

Personal Thoughts

When I first watched the series, I found the characters interesting and enjoyed the story arc of the series. However, the show is hard to remember being quick to be forgotten seeing how it follows the concept many other animes were using at the time. I would give the show a six out of ten rating because I felt that halfway through the show, the writers gave up on the writing. I was watching the show until the last episode because I don’t enjoy leaving things unfinished not because I was curious on how it ended.

Witch Hunter Robin
Witch Hunter Robin

Furthermore, the show has a unique concept of what occurs when the government is hunting people down and the means people will go through to stay hidden or fight against them. Robin is caught in the crossfire being a witch and working for the government that is trying to keep witches in line. Robin knows that she is only on the government’s side until she loses control.

She is manipulated by fear only rebelling when she knows that her team will aid her. Her ability is fire which many sees as a purification or chaos playing on the idea of there being two sides to every coin. The show shows both sides of the government and the rebels fighting against their laws hoping that their actions will bring peace.

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