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The Cloaked Games by Johnathan Moeller Review

Not all elves are nature-loving protectors of the forest or hunters that wish to be left alone. Some see themselves as the superior race with humans being nothing more than an annoying nescience. The Cloaked Games series by Johnathan Moeller plays on the idea of elves taking over the world with the aid of magic.

The Takeover

The first book in The Cloaked Games series, Thief Trap takes place three-hundred years after the conquest. Nadia is tasked with stealing an object for Lord Morvilind or else lose the remedy to heal her brother. She comes across Cornus and together they help each other achieve their goals.

The Players

Nadia Moran is the main protagonist of the story being a thief for her mentor to buy the cure for her brother. Nadia is sarcastic and uses her knowledge of magic and thievery to stay alive knowing that getting caught will send her to an early grave.

“Corvus? Latin word for crow? Very dramatic. Do you dress all in black and listen to sad music?

Lord Morvilind is a pompous elven lord that is Nadia’s mentor and raised her until she was of age. He enjoys stealing art making Nadia steal the items for him.

“There’s no danger to me”, said Morvilind raising the crystal ball. “I can kill you from a distance long before you reveal anything harmful to me.”
– Lord Morvilind

Corvus is a shadow hunter a person that is a demon bounty hunter. He is cold and distant hoping to keep his demon from devouring the innocent.

“We are not assassins. We only kill those who have earned execution.”

Personal thoughts

This was an interesting novel given that it had a female protagonist that made the readers want to be like her. Nadia hates elves and yet she must hide it knowing that an elf is the key to keeping her brother alive. I would give the novel a seven out of ten rating, due for the book taking a long time to progress the story. It’s not until you get halfway through the novel that you understand what the real story is. I was impressed with the shadow hunters and the unique creatures that were in the tale.

The Cloaked Games
The Cloaked Games

Furthermore, the story is a unique mix of fantasy and science-fiction. The world is taken over because technology and magic are unable to coexist. The conquest allowed the elves to take over the world using humans to fight their own war not caring about the lives that were lost. Only humans with magic are given a chance to defend themselves and Nadia a girl with magic, will do what she must to save herself and her brother, since family is the most important thing in the world.

Now. shush. I’m trying to read,

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