Bastet Goddess of the Moon
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Bastet Goddess of the Moon

When watching the film adaptation of DC Comics Catwomen, the directors explained the history associated with the character and it caught my attention. The lore of the cat goes back to Ancient Egypt mentioning Bastet before moving on with the story. This sparked my curiosity making me wonder who this Moon Goddess was?

Creating a Goddess

Bastet was originally a lioness and Warrior Goddess of the sun charged with protecting Lower Egypt. She was a protector of Ra the King of the Gods. During the merge of Lower and Upper Egypt Bastet was changed into a cat becoming known as the Goddess of Perfumes. She also gained the title of protector against evil spirits and contagious diseases. When the Greeks took over Egypt they changed her again keeping her cat form but giving the title of being the Goddess of the Moon.


Bastet is known as being the Cat Lady of ancient Egypt yet there is more to the Goddess then being a mere house cat. Like most women, Bastet had two sides to her personality aggressive and gentle. Her gentle nature was due to her being the protector of the home and pregnant woman. There are myths that women would wear anklets of Bastet with kittens, and the number of kittens marked how many children the woman was striding for.

Bastet Goddess of the Moon
Bastet Goddess of the Moon

Her vicious nature aided her in countless battles protecting pharaohs and her father Ra. Many believe she got her feline form from Ra who was in cat form when defeating Apep. She is tied to both the moon and sun. She is sunlight due to her father being the sun god and her son Khonsu being the moon God.

Personal View

Given that cats sre worshipped in Egypt its no surprise that the warriors had a feline form. Cats are known for protecting their young and killing vermin. They were also good at killing snakes mostly cobras protecting their owners from harm and keeping food sources clean and free of diseased vermins. I find it fascinating that Bastet was a warrior and wish that there was more information known about the Goddess.

Bastet Goddess of the Moon
Bastet Goddess of the Moon

Furthermore, it’s interesting that the Goddess was known as warriors first before being given other qualities that reflected their personalities. Not much was discovered about the Goddess due to her continues changes over the centuries. Due to the film, Catwoman, many people looked up the references in the film wanting to know more about the ancient protector. Showing that even during the ancient times women could both be kind and aggressive at the same time, hence making woman and cat unpredictable.

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