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Sounds Only the Deaf Can Hear – A Poem

Andrew Darlington has had numerous written work published in all manner of strange and obscure places, magazines, websites, anthologies and books. He also worked as a Stand-Up Poet on the Alternative Cabaret Circuit and has been interviewed by many people from the worlds of Literature, Science-Fiction Fantasy, Art and Rock-Music for a variety of publications.

A selection of my favorite interviews collected into The Headpress Book, I Was Elvis Presley’s Bastard Love-Child. My latest poetry collection is Tweak Vision by Alien Buddha Press, while my new fiction collection A Saucerful Of Secrets is now available from Parallel Universe Publications.

Andrew Darlington
Andrew Darlington

Sounds That Only the Deaf Can Hear

Glistening chameleons squat on
rooftops of eternal cityscapes
watch masked people barter for tears
on unnamed street corners,
and somewhere
the chant of high mass ceases…

Liquid eyes echo defeat as troubadours
shift in enchanted directions, playing
with the sand of naked boredom where
ochre-tinged alleys meet in dumb crucifix
beneath the beating of metallic wings,
and somewhere, people stop singing…

Dawn erupts over a horizon of monoliths
bleeding into the waters where gurus sit
beside the lake, watching it mirror
crimson towers dissolving into yesterday’s
forgotten ambitions, and somewhere
the music stops playing…

Poets detonate concept-bombs along cerebral
molecular chains, as insects of decay
skitter along the wide minaret stairs
to where midnight’s fire-dancers
swallow each other’s fingers in discordant glee,
and somewhere, silence grows to fill the universe…

Andrew Darlington
Andrew Darlington

Feel free to visit Andrew’s website and social media to review more of his amazing work.
Twitter: Darlingtonandy

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