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Rapunzel: The Story of the Hidden Princess

Disney is well-versed in creating films based on tales created by The Brothers Grimm, creating stories many children can identify by name. Rapunzel is the story of the woman with the seventy-foot-long hair. Disney painted a light-hearted tale about a kidnapped princess trapped in the tower, but with The Brothers Grimm’s version, there lies a darker version of the tale.


A young princess is born with long golden hair that gives her special powers when she sings. Her mother consumes a magical flower to save herself and her unborn child. The flower belongs to a witch called Mother Gothel, who was using the flower to stay young forever. Mother Gothel kidnaps the princess and locks her inside a tower until she is discovered by a thief, known as Flynn Rider, who was passing through the forest to avoid being arrested by the Royal guard.


An enchantress had a garden that had high walls to prevent locals from entering her domain. A husband entered her garden to steal rampions being caught on the second night. Th enchantress made a deal he could have the vegetables in exchange for their first child. The enchantress named Madam Gothel, locked Rapunzel in a tower using her hair as the only means for entry.  A king’s son comes across her tower and visits Rapunzel every evening until Gothel discovers the girl’s betrayal and cuts off her hair before casting her out into the desert.

Trapped by Hair

Both stories have two things in common, a girl locked in a tower who has hair long enough to scale a tower with. On the surface the stories seem superficial focusing the story on looks and how her hair is what helps Rapunzel escape her imprisonment. At the end of both tales her hair is cut off, yet she still gets her happy ever after in the end.


I see the hair as being more symbolistic representing the girl’s innocence and naivety of the situation she’s in. Only when she realizes that Gothel is the reason for her imprisonment, she loses the blonde locks thus removing a beautiful illusion and replacing it with the harsh reality.


Furthermore, both stories focuses on a princess locked away from the world in a tower. Who is known for her hair and being saved by a man coming across her tower in the middle of the forest. Both focuses on Rapunzel’s appetence and her belief that there is good in everyone’s hearts. It shows that even those who grow up in isolation can still contain light in their heart shinning out the darkness that surrounds them.

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