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Morgana: Goddess of War

Morgana Le Fey is the Queen of the Faeries but the Goddess was a shapeshifter giving her other form in Celtic mythology. She was given other names including Morgana, Fate Morgana, and The Morrigan’s. Each represented a different form of the Goddess. The Goddess had many ties with war but like all women there was a softer side to the battle-weary Goddess.


The Goddess Morgana was a healer and priestess of the old ways with the knowledge in herbal medicines. She is a triple Goddess with three forms the maiden, mother, and crone. Morgana resides over battle, fertility, and sexuality.

Morgana Goddess of War
Morgana Goddess of War

Morgana holds roots with Irish mythology but values traits that were also valued by the Norse. She favored warrior that took part in heroic deeds that proved their bravery and punished those that tried to force her hand in battle.

The Morrigan’s

The Phantom Queen or Queen of Phantoms, this Goddess took the form of a cow when appearing before mortals. She was seen washing the bloody clothes of warriors and if a warrior saw her before entering battle they would die that same day. The Morrigan was a warrior Goddess encouraging warriors to battle with the promise of victory over their enemies.

Morgana Le Fey

The Irish Queen of the Fey and in Avion lore the half-sister of King Author. Both were taught by Merlin in the ways of magic but was known for trying to create her brother’s downfall. Le fey translates to fate given Morgana a title over the end of cycles. Also beginning seeing that having abilities in healing she is the one who takes her brother to Avion to heal his wounds. Being Queen of the Fey, Morgana has a trickster side to her using her cunning to trick her brother and to escape those that tried to kill or imprison her.

Morgana Goddess of War
Morgana Goddess of War

Furthermore, Morgana was a shapeshifter known for different names to match her different forms. In all her forms there was connections to battle and death. She completed her own cycle of war by being the healer that tended to the wounded once the battle was decided. Her animal form was the raven, a messenger of death and in some lore a guide for the spirits to the afterlife. Some view the Goddess as a dark being but there are others who sees her as a female warrior enjoying the spoils of war.

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