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Hotel Transylvania Review

Most parents fear the day their child wants to leave home and explore the world outside of the world they grew up in; even those that come from the monster realm. Sony Picture’s Hotel Transylvania takes this concept adding a vampire twist to the tale. The movie shows how monsters are more human then mortals give them credit for.

Dracula’s Tale

After his wife Martha’s death, Count Dracula decided to create a hotel for monsters as a safe-haven from humans. He raised his daughter teaching her that the now that she’s an adult.  his human. To keep Johnny safe, he claims him to be a relative of Frank’s and learns that humans have change over the last few centuries.

Hotel Transylvania 2012 Trailer Youtube

Haunts of The Hotel

Mavis is one-hundred- and eighteen-year-old vampire and the daughter of Count Dracula. She is curious about the world outside the hotel and wants to go on an exploration but fears scaring humans or being hurt by them. Mavis is introverted but also a kid at heart. She loves her family and will do what she must to protect them. She is known for putting others happiness before her own.

Hotel Transylvania
Hotel Transylvania

Count Dracula is an overprotective father and owner of the hotel. He sees humans as a threat despite not stepping outside of his hotel for the past few centuries. Dracula tries to be the cool dad by using teen references but is more of an embarrassment to Mavis.

Hotel Transylvania
Hotel Transylvania

Johnny is a teenager who comes across the hotel while backpacking through Europe. He is a thrill seeker and adventurous given a reasoning to his child like nature. He’s not scared of monsters and sees the hotel as an entryway to the paranormal world. He falls in love with Mavis despite Dracula trying to prevent them from falling in love.

Hotel Transylvania
Hotel Transylvania

Monster View

This movie caught my interest being a family film mixed with the paranormal. I enjoyed how the film contained the classic monsters but gave them an update from when they were first created. I would give the film a nine out of ten rating, due to the development of character and how anyone can relate to the story. I would have enjoyed a better connection between the reason why Jonny was there as there was a weird pause between trying to hide Jonny and him discovering Dracula’s personal rooms.

Hotel Transylvania
Hotel Transylvania

Despite being set in the paranormal world, the movie story is what most families deal with. Parents want to protect their children from the dangers of the world, but there comes a time where the child wants to explore the world. They want to escape their parents’ rules and make new discoveries on their own. They will make mistakes and have set backs but in the end, they know their parents will always be there to love and support them.

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2 thoughts on “Hotel Transylvania Review”

  1. I hate these movies. Why did they have to de-monster the things that were intended on being scary. Making Dracula, one of the best villains in all horror movie history to be this sweet passionate non killing guy just kills me. Kids need monsters and some horror in their lives and these movies just take that from them.

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    1. I agree we grew up with the brother’s Grimm being scared of what lived inside our closets and under our beds at night. We had monsters that lived in the otherworld to give us a good scare. Today monsters of legend must deal with real horrors in the world of school shootings and terrorist attacks. Pareents want there kids to feel safe and they see sacrificing an image of Dracula making him seem more friendly as a way to give them less things to fear at night.

      BTW, if you like scary/ gothic things go check out gothic bite magazine


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