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Monsters Inc. Review

Parents of young children often deal with their children asking them to check their closet and under the bed for monsters. Pixar created a film bringing the monsters from childhood to life. Showing them as being more human then we gave them credit for.

Monster’s Life

Monsters Inc. is a story about monsters working at a factory to harvest children’s fear. Mike and Sulley are two workers who used doors as portals to enter children’s bedrooms. One night, a door is left open allowing a human child to enter the monster world. Mike and Sulley spend the night trying to find Boo’s door to return her home without being caught by another monster.

Monsters Inc. 2001 Trailer Youtube

Cast of Beings

James P. “Sulley” Sullivan is the top scorer at Monsters Inc. He is great at scaring children but is a gentle giant in the monster world. His best friend is Mike who is the talker of the pair. He has a big heart and grows attached to Boo not wanting her to leave.

Monsters Inc.
Monsters Inc.

Mike Wazowski is a short squat monster that has a positive spin on life despite getting the short end of the deal. His girlfriend is Cellia and his task is to find the doors for Sulley to go through and complete paperwork. He is against the idea of helping Boo get home and wants to give her to the authorities.

Monsters Inc.
Monsters Inc.

Boo is a five-year-old girl that finds her way into the monster world after discovering that the portal from her closet was left open. Boo calls Sulley kitty and tries to hug the blue monster despite him running away from her in fear.

Monsters Inc.
Monsters Inc.

Do They Exist

I grew up watching the film with my sisters, as It was one of the many animated films that we enjoyed as a family. I enjoyed the story told through the animation. That friends can be created from all walks of life even those that may appear scary to others. I would give this film a six out of ten rating. I enjoyed the characters depth throughout the film and their interactions with one another. I just felt it lacking in the music department and explanation of the films plot.

Monsters Inc.
Monsters Inc.

It’s clear that Pixar was directing the film toward its younger audience, yet people of all ages end up enjoying the movie. The film brings comedy to what all children fear the mysterious monster in our closets. Yet would we still fear them if they were less like Randall and more like Sulley? A monster that gave out hugs rather then screams.

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