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British High Tea

When you love British culture as much Luna and I, what is the best way to celebrate a joyous occasion? By going to high tea! High tea occurs in the morning or in the afternoon with a warm pot of tea and scrumptious sweet and savory snacks such as tea cakes and tea sandwiches.

On Friday. October 5, 2018. Luna and I went to Emma’s Tea Spot in Downtown Baltimore. We wanted to celebrate the success of Luna’s poetry book Sherwood Asylum: A Book of Poetry. I know how much she loves British cuisine and tea.

Emma’s Tea Spot

From a young age, Emma has loved cooking and gardening, foraging and plant nomenclature. Coming from a long line of cooks, herbalists and gardeners she has travelled extensively, learning local recipes and street food combinations wherever she goes. After managing a pub-style farm-to-table restaurant in London and becoming a Master Gardener and Holistic Practitioner, Emma moved stateside and developed and directed a local, organic, vegetarian and nut-free school lunch program in a Fells Point private school.

British High Tea
British High Tea

For nine years, she grew plants to supplement a locally-sourced midday meal for children called The Garden Tuck Shop Program, homegrown and hand-cooked from scratch daily for one-hundred students. The curriculum included a wide range of cooking and gardening classes like juicing, essential oil uses, herbal crafts and remedies, composting, worm bins, and chicken and bee keeping. Benjamin is a Master Slateworker, coppersmith and musician.

Scrumptious Delights

We were served a pot of blueberry hibiscus tea and cinnamon chai tea. Our tower of delicious snacks ranged from ham and mustard tea sandwiches, cucumber tea sandwiches cranberry scones, cheese slices, spiced cupcakes, and Petit Fours.

British High Tea
British High Tea

The tea room was decorated with the Jack Union flag, British décor, samples of tea to purchase, and a mock kitchen for children in the back. The staff was pleasant and attentive following our dietary needs.  It was a nice reminder of experiencing high tea for the first time in London.

British High Tea
British High Tea

Emma’s Tea Spot has a slogan of doing high tea in a relaxed environment to draw in a diverse array of customers. The statement was true, they carried anything we requested to our table. I would highly recommend this place to anyone visiting Baltimore.

London High Tea

While in London, England, we were fortunate enough to experience High Tea for the first time at the Grosvenor House at Hyde Park. The Park Room is set in a typically British stately home environment with views overlooking Hyde Park, with designs inspired by its proximity to the Royal Park.

British High Tea
British High Tea

With its fine crystal, marble flooding, and fine art, afternoon tea calls for black tie or business attire to match the sophisticated atmosphere. The experience made us feel like royalty while taking in a classic British custom.

Burned it!

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