Monster House
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Monster House – Film Review

What would you do if you build a home for the love of your life only to lose her? Would you complete the building knowing that it would make her happy? Knowing that by honoring a memory you could be trapping a spirit in the human world? Image Movers created the film Monster House, showing what occurring when a spirit is trapped inside a man-made object.

A Living House

When Horace was watching a circus he came across Counters the giantess, a woman who was overly obese. He decided to free her from the freak show and build a house for her. After a tragic accident, Horace lives in his home alone keeping children away from the house he had built for his wife. D.J and his friends Chowder and Jenny soon discover why.

Monster House (2006) Trailer Youtube
Neighborhood Residents

D.J Walters is a teenager who after being caught trying to get his friends ball, gives the owner Horace a heart attack. While watching the house he noticed that it’s alive and tries to prevent people in the neighborhood from being eaten.

Monster House
Monster House

Horace Nebbercracker is the old man who lives alone in the house across the street from D.J. He is known as old man Nebbercracker who keeps any toy that lands on his front lawn. He keeps the children away to protect them from the spirit of his late wife and has a caring nature toward children.

Monster House
Monster House

Chowder is best friends with DJ and a scary cat being frightened easily by many things. He acts brave around Jenny hoping to impress her and helps DJ explore the haunted house.

Monster House
Monster House

Jenny Bennet meets DJ and Chowder when they save her from the house after she goes to the door selling Girl Scout cookies. Jenny is smart and resourceful knowing about the human body and how scientist reactions work.

Monster House
Monster House

Personal Thoughts

After watching the film, I understood why the movie was made for children and that the creators saw this as a reason to make the movie very simple to follow. I would give this film a four out of ten rating, since the only thing I enjoyed about the film was the backstory about how the house became alive.

monster house

The characters are not very developed, and the animation of the house is creative, but the graphics used for the humans seems cartoonish in comparison. There are parts of the film where it feels as though the same scene us being shown multiple times throughout a scene.

Monster House
Monster House

The idea of a house coming to life from being possessed by a spirit can occur and there are real cases of homes and objects being consumed by a spirit. This occurs when a person dies but feels they have unfinished business and decided to stay in the land of the living becoming a spirit. The movie is trying to make spirits seem scary, but it also seems to be mocking the concept as well. Spirits are lost souls that should be respected not mocked or in the movies case treated as a joke.

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