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Kiki’s Delivery Service – Film Review

What if you had to leave everything behind and start a new life at the age of thirteen? Find a new place to live, discover a career, and live completely alone without your family or friends? For a witch named Kuki, this is the age where they complete a year of private study and find a chance to discover who she is.

Flying Mail Server

At the age of thirteen all witches must leave their home for a year of independent study. They must find a city or village not yet claimed by a witch and make it their new home. Kiki finds a seaside village and decided to make it her home opening a flying delivery service as a way to make a living while living in the quite village.

Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989) official trailer on YouTube


Kiki (Minami Takayama) is a young witch who is heading out into the world with her mother’s broom and her familiar Jiji. She is kind and helpful to other pitching in to help when she sees a problem. She will keep a promise even at the risk of her own health not wanting to break a person’s trust.

Kiki's Delivery Service
Kiki’s Delivery Service

Ursula (Minmi Takayama) is a painter and lives in a log cabin outside of the village. She sees Kiki as a little sister and gives the young witch advice when Kiki is questioning her magic. She is quiet and graceful using art analogies to describe herself and life.

Kiki's Delivery Service
Kiki’s Delivery Service

Tombo (Kappel Yamaguchi) is a young teen who’s into science and engineering. He develops a crush on Kiki at first sight and wants to show his inventions to her. He is naïve not understanding how Kiki wants nothing to do with him and is determining to change her mind.

Kiki's Delivery Service
Kiki’s Delivery Service

Osono (Keiko Toda) is the owner of the town’s bakery and gives Kiki lodging and a place to set up shop when the young girl arrives in town. She is a caring woman and acts like a mother figure for Kiki making sure that Kiki is well despite running a busy business and due to deliver a baby.

Kiki's Delivery Service
Kiki’s Delivery Service

Reflection on Magic

I found the film interesting as it took a different take on how witches are deprived in movies. Instead of showing an old woman looking for her next victim, they show a young teen trying to find her place in the world. Overall, it was a sweet movie about a young girl with powers trying to find her place in the world.

Kiki's Delivery Service
Kiki’s Delivery Service

I would rate this film a seven out of ten due to the detailed scenery and the developed characters. I enjoyed the bit of scientist and engineering breakthroughs that are in the film creating a balance between science and magic. I would have preferred a more developed storyline instead of it falling dull halfway through the film making it a rough transition between the first and second half of the movie.

kiki delivery

The film reflects what we all face when growing up having to move away from home and creating a new place to set roots in. We are all scared to take our first steps into the unknown but at the same time excited to discover what the world has to offer us. Knowing that without taking risks and making mistakes we will miss out on the great opportunities life has to offer us.

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