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Broken Age – Review

When I was growing up, I was introduced to point and click computer games. Many schools used these games for educational and entertainment purposes. For many these games were an introduction to gaming creating a love for other gaming consoles. Broken Age is a point and click game on the Playstation and Windows making many recall the style of games my generation grew up on.

Sacrificial Lamb

Vella is a girl from Sugar Bunting that has been chosen for the Maiden’s Festival. The festival takes place every fourteen years, offering young girls to Mog beasts to keep the villages from being destroyed. Vella decides to change her fate and escapes the monster going on a quest to locate a way tp destroy the Mog and put an end to the festival.

Broken Age
Broken Age

Discovering a New Home

Shay is a teenager stuck on the spaceship Bossa Norsta being part of a program called Project Dandelion. His quest is to find a new planet to live on. He is the last human survivor from the planet Lonena and is accompanied on his ship by two alternative intelligence. One is Mom that create fake rescue missions and ensures that Shey never does anything dangerous sticking to a dull routine.

Broken Age
Broken Age

The other is Dad which Shay sees at night and is usually out doing repairs to the ship. He wants adventure and one day sneaks into the bottom of his ship where he comes across Marek a man in a wolf costume that gives Shay a chance to be a real hero.

Bounding Stories

Broken Age allowes the player to pick between the two-characters Vella and Shay whose fates are joined together. Both want a way to change their fate and deny the paths that are set before them due to have the generations have acted before them. There is a saying that when you meet someone once you are destined to meet them again.

Broken Age
Broken Age

This game plays on this concept making sure that the player plays both stories to complete the game.  I would give the game a four out of ten eating for how easy the puzzles throughout the game were. Some may prefer easy puzzles, but I enjoy complex challenges.

Broken Age
Broken Age

Broken Age is an interesting point and click puzzle game that many will enjoy playing. The storyline reflects what we all face growing up and how we deal with problems. The main characters saw a problem and decided to change it instead of accepting their fate. Teaching players to stand up for what they believe in. A reminder that anyone can make a difference, all it takes is the first step.

Now, shush, I’m trying to read.



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