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Melanie Karsak’s Wolves and Daggers – Review

Many know the iconic red cloak was the symbol for Little Red Riding Hood but what if there was an organization marked by this same cloak? What if instead of being chased by wolves they oversaw tracking down werewolves and other supernatural creatures? In Wolves and Daggers by Melanie Karsak combines steampunk with the mystical world of fantasy.

Red Caped Society

After tinkers and alchemists get captured by werewolves in London, Queen Victoria orders her secret organization of Red Caped to investigate the matter. Identified by the iconic red capes the members are talented in defeating the creatures that go bump in the night. Agent Clemeny Louvel must unravel the mystery while ensuring that she isn’t eaten by the big bad wolf.

Wolves and Daggers
Wolves and Daggers


Clemeny Louvel nicknamed Little Red by the local werewolf packs mocking her short size despite her power when fighting the paranormal. She has a dry sense of humor and is determined to help out those in trouble even at the risk of her own life.

Quinn is Clemeny’s partner and was the one who taught her the ropes of being a member of the Red Caped society. A quiet man gifted with the patients to deal with his rash partner preventing her from rushing into fights without thinking.

Wolves and Daggers
Wolves and Daggers

Cyril is the alpha of the Lupercal pack. He is known for his strength and holding the position of alpha for over five hundred years. He despised the red capes and is known for attacking the members intending to either kill or turn them.

Sir Richard Spencer nicknamed Lionheart by both the Red Caped and fellow werewolves. He belongs to the pack of werewolves called the Templars and see themselves as the knights of the round table making him a humble servant to the crown. He often flirts with Clemeny despite her connately turning down his offers to spend time alone.

Romance or Thriller

The novel is a unique mixture of steampunk and dark fantasy adding a bit of science to the magical realm. I would rate this novel a six out of ten due to the numerous action scenes and the connections created between the reader and the main character. I was not a fan of the romance elements tossed into the story.

Wolves and Daggers
Wolves and Daggers

The solution to the Red Caped made the mystery seem complete before the novel was finished. I enjoyed the mention of other paranormal creatures and I hope that they are covered more in the next few books in the series. Despite the book having hints of a teenage romance I found the novel a fresh remake of the classic fadrytale.

Wolves and Daggers
Wolves and Daggers

It was creative to have an entire organization wear red capes and be efficient with defeating the paranormal. Adding a steampunk style add a darker edge to the story removing the cute and innocent appearance many associate with the character. Having the main character nicknamed Little Red ties back to the original fable while at the same time creating a more modern version of the little girl that saved her Grandmother from a scary wolf.

Now, shush, I’m trying to read.

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