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Aladdin and the Magical Lamp

Disney’s Aladdin is a beloved tale of a street rat with a heart of gold that gets the girl of his dreams in the end with the aid of a magical lamp. The movie Aladdin is based on the Middle East fable Aladdin and the Magical Lamp. The tale is found with a collection of stories titled The Arabian Nights or The Book of One-Thousand and One Nights in its original language. The story was written by Antoine Galland.

 Aladdin’s Tale

The fable tells the story of a sorcerer visiting the poor boy Aladdin and his mother offering to make Aladdin a wealthy merchant due to the lad’s kind nature. Instead the sorcerer takes Aladdin to a magical cave full of traps hoping the boy would receive a magical oil lamp. Aladdin ends up trapped inside the cave he rubs his hands in despair rubbing against the magical ring the sorcerer gave him which contained a jinn or genie.


Aladdin asks the jinn of the ring to help him escape the cave and returns home to his mother. She insists on cleaning the oil lamp to sell for money t provide them with food revealing a stronger jinni within the oil lamp. Aladdin uses the jinn of the oil lamp to become rich and powerful marrying the princess of the land Badrouilbadour.

Disney’s Adaptation

Disney decided to create its own version of the fable by creating Aladdin. The film takes the frame of the original fable adding a more comedic spin to the story. The names of the princess and sorcerer are changed from the names in Aladdin and the Magical Lamp. Jafar is given the same backstory as Aladdin being a child that grew up on the streets until he used magic to climb the ranks to become the royal advisor.


He sees the lamp to achieve his desires yet is forced to use a person with a pure soul to retrieve it. Only a person with a pure soul can enter the chamber where the lamp is being held. Fearing the possibility of losing everything he has gained when the princess comes of age, Jafar uses Aladdin only to fail in both his mission and retrieving the lamp from the thief.

Personal View

In both versions of the fable a genie or jinn was called upon to aid Aladdin in his troubles. This creates a false reality of how a jinn act. They are not helpful or loyal to their masters they are magical beings that care only about themselves. When making a wish a person must choose their words carefully for a jinn will seek out a loophole or a way to trick their master.


This occurs in the Disney version Aladdin asks the Gennie to make him a prince but didn’t say for the title to be realistic or permanent. Hence why he was turned back into a street rat when Jafar used his magic if you pretend to be a prince then by the laws of magic the wish is complete. In both the fable and Disney film, Aladdin is thrilled by finding a magical lamp and uses it to ensure his dreams become a reality.


The idea that a magical artifact being innocent and helpful is not realistic. Magical artifacts may be helpful, but a price must be paid by the castor. Even if the wish is granted, an item can’t be created from thin air. The object is either being created or stolen from another source. The saying be careful what you wish for applies to the jinn for one wrong word can could turn a dream into a nightmare.

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