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Basilisk: Real or Legend?

Many can recall the iconic moment in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, when the school is under attack by a fifty-foot snake called a basilisk. This king of snakes is a mythical creature created with the myths and legends found in Roman and Greek mythology. They are evil creatures whose intentions are to harm the world around them and kill mankind. Yet, there are tales where basilisks are protectors to homes from spiders and scared temples of Apollo and Diana.


There are many forms of the Basilisk one is a giant snake common to the form mentioned in the Harry Potter novel, another is a chimera with the feather head and legs of a cockerel, the wings of a dragon, and the body of a snake.


A basilisk is born when a snake or toad lays a yolkless egg that is sat on by a rooster until it hatches. It must take place during the days of the constellation Sirus the Dog. The chimera form ranged from six to twelve inches while its snake version can ranges to larger proportions.

Toxic Defenses

The snake part of the basilisk belongs to the cobra family making its venom poisonous. A basilisk can kill a human five different ways without having to bite them. Looking into its eyes will kill a human in an instant and its deadly venom can climb up weapons killing its holder upon touch.


The basilisk’s rancid breath can kill plant life and is what gives the basilisk the ability to breathe fire. There are claims that hearing it hiss can drive a man to madness, paralyzing the body and even killing those that hear it. There are rumors that by touching the dark creature you are signing your own death warrant.


There are ways to face and kill the monster though its preferred that you never encounter one. A weasel is one of two animals that can kill the monster and the rooster’s crow will turn the beast into ashes. Another protection against the basilisk is a mirror. The basilisk deadly gaze will kill anything it sets its eyes upon including itself.

Do They Exist

In Greek mythology Python attacked the mother of Apollo and Artemis to prevent their birth only to be slain by the Sun God. The child of Loki in Norse mythology called the mudguard serpent will play a hand in Raganok and Quetzalcoatl the Aztec feather snake God are a few examples of a deadly snake. The concept of a tiny or large snake doesn’t seem that farfetched given the numerous examples found in mythology from cultures around the world.


Additionally, many wonders if a being so deadly could be more then a creature born in fantasy. Myths and legends are stories, but they are based on facts or experiences people have. They use the stories ad warnings or lessons to those who hear it. The basilisk can be found in many cultures making me wonder if this beast is real. The basilisk reminds me of medusa though unlike the gorgon its gaze won’t turn a person to stone but rather rend it to the underworld.

Now, shush, I’m trying to read.

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