fallen angel
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Fallen Angel – A Poem

I have been writing for the last fifteen years. What inspires me most are nature, the fantasy and paranormal realms, classic musicals such as The Phantom of the Opera and Wicked and of course, my favorite music. I spend my days writing, drinking tea and imagining my next story that I will tell while surfing all social medias to see what is to come out next in the fields that I enjoy the most. I am a writer and reviewer for the gothic web magazine Gothic Bite Magazine.

Fallen Angel

I am a fallen angel
suffocating from darkness.
And its cold torturous grasp
that it has on me.

Its cold clammy fingers clenched
tightly around my heart and soul.
Never again to be comforted
by the light even though I was never
comforted by it before.

fallen angel
fallen angel

I can no longer see
the light anymore.
It has faded away
transparent compared to the darkness

But, I wonder can one person
truly see into another’s soul?
Simply by staring into their eyes?
I wonder if this is possible
as you stare into my eyes.
I can feel the light shining through yours
as your icy blue eyes pierce through mine.

fallen angel
fallen angel

The truth finally dawns upon me
the blinding truth behind it all.
For not only can I feel you staring
into my eyes but also into my soul
and what’s truly locked inside.

No one can free me even if they tried.
So, good luck, for there is only darkness
Left trapped inside my eyes, my heart,
and what is left of my soul.

So, how can you free a fallen angel?
Whose heart is only made up of darkness?
Without losing your light
and becoming one of us as well?


fallen angel
fallen angel

The poem explores the feelings of a creature that was once angelic that has fallen from grace. Despite the dark themes of the poem, hope of escaping its pain is hinted at. I believe that they feel lost and are trying to find their way instead of just finding the quickest outlet for their pain. When we’re lost and feel loney our thoughts can become quite dark, and in that moment of weakness is when we need to find hope the most.

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