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Succubi – Seductive Creatures

After reading The Shadowfae Chronicles by Erica Haynes, we are introduced to the protagonist Jade, who we learn to be a succubus. The novel only explores her abilities through sexual exploits, which most succubi are known for, but after doing some research they harness many other abilities that make these beautiful temptresses more-deadly.

People associate succubus with sexuality embodied by a a beautiful woman who can seduce others under their will and feeds off human’s energy drawn out by focusing on their sexual desires. In television and movies these creatures are featured as flirty temptresses with long legs, plump lips, and long luscious hair.

What Are Succubi

A succubi or succubus is a demon who uses a female human as its host. They can appear in people’s dreams usually targeting male victims. The male version of the creature is called an incubus with the same abilities that targets female victims. After feeding on their victim it can leave the human’s health depleted or resulting in death.


Succubi weren’t always gorgeous seductive women, some were small deformed creatures resembling demons or gargoyles. During the medieval ages, succubi were rumored to prey on sleeping women hoping to exploit them sexually. Over time the creature’s appearance became more glamorous changing to a charming.


In Latin Succubus means to be drawn to, which refers to the power they must draw on one’s sexual desires. Succubus are discussed in many forms of art but during the fifteenth century, theologians wanted to understand them more closely, studying their appearance, abilities, and how they reproduced.


Later, any woman who tried seducing men were considered witches and were accused of performing witchcraft. Women being pregnant out of wedlock was considered a sin as well and blamed it on punishment from being seduced by incubi.

Other Forms

Incubi are the male forms of succubi and work with other succubi to reproduce since neither can reproduce on their own. Child born from these creatures have demonic characteristics and take after the mother or father depending on the gender of the child.

Lost Girl – succubus

Much like incubi, lilith first appeared in legend as a goddess of fertility. In Greek mythology, her beauty attracted Zeus, the god of Thunder, making his wife Hera jealous, so to get even she turned Lilith into a monster. In the new monstrous form, Lilith seduced men and ate the babies produced by those she attracted.


Succuni can be known as other names in different cultures but share the same characteristics of the seductive demon. In India they are known as Yakshini, in Arabia they are called Qarinha, Native Americans call them Deer Women for their appearance, and in Greece they’re known as Lamia.

Personal View

In the media, all succubi or incubi are seen the same way, as attractive men or women who prey on others trying to draw out their sexual desires. After doing some research, I learned that these creatures are more than just a pretty temptation. Underestimating them is foolish seeing how powerful they can be when channeling a human’s primal sensual urges.

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