November Birthstones

Gothic Bite Magazine

November is one of the coldest months of the year given that it’s the second to last month of the year.

It’s part of the darker half of the year and nature’s time for rest — those born in the month experience a time of warmth and beauty from simple stones.

History of the Birth Stones

Topaz and citrine quartz both represent the birthstones of the month. They are commonly confused for one another due to their hints of yellow coloring and common properties while using the stones.

Pure topaz is colorless, but when imperfections join its forming, it changes to any color of the rainbow. The word topaz comes from topazios, the ancient Greek name for Saint John’s Island.


Many believe topaz holds mystical powers during the Renaissance period people believed the gems could break spells and quiet anger.

African shamans used the stones for healing…

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