The Medusa Files by C.I Black
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Review of The Medusa Files by C.I Black


What if everything you knew was based off nothing but lies? That the monsters you read about in faerytales existed in the real world? Even worse, what if you were one of the monsters born from legend? In The Medusa Files by C. I Black focuses on the journey of Morgan Jacobs and her discovery of her monster half. The first book in the series Written in Stone, shows her introduction into the paranormal realm.

Turn to Stone

Morgana Jacobs is taking a break from being a United States Marshal recovering from an alley attack that occurred to her four months ago. She’s still confused about how she was able to turn the man to stone and fears that she’s a danger to society. When her best friend is kidnapped, Morgan must face the truth about herself and learn about a world she never thought existed. A world where vampires and faeries are real.

Members of the Special Investigation Task Force

Morgan Jacobs was a former United States Marshal until she accidently killed a man by turning him into stone. For four months, she kept herself lock inside her apartment until an attack by an ogre brought her out of hiding. She discovers that she’s half gorgon and must learn to harness her new abilities. She is sarcastic, short tempered, impatient, and good at discovering who is the one responsible for the cases she is working on.

The Medusa Files by C.I Black
The Medusa Files by C.I Black

Alexander Gabe is an F.B.I agent and is the king in charge of the group assembled for the task force. His monster side is not revealed yet there are hints that his abilities are dark compared to the others. He is intelligent and crafty only telling Morgan facts when they are important and never giving her the full story.

Clapton is a shy quiet guy who is a man of action and few words. He was created from stone by Rika making him a golem. He is used as a shield by the others knowing that only magic can hurt him, and he can be rebuilt by Rika if he sustains too much damage.

The Medusa Files by C.I Black
The Medusa Files by C.I Black

Luchlin is the member of the fey and uses his seduction to toy with Morgan. Short-tempered and cocky he sees humans as mere play things. He is shown often butting heads with Gabe. He is protective of the others in the group and prefers to use a sword instead of a gun.

Rika is the hacker and computer expert on the team in charge of gaining intelligence on cases, keeping track of files, and obtaining warrants for the team. She is a troll with an attitude being nice to Morgan but can easily be assertive when people go against her warnings.

The Medusa Files by C.I Black
The Medusa Files by C.I Black

Not Your Classic Tale

Written in Stone is a tale where modern day meets the paranormal world. Human’s mentally forget any interaction with the paranormal and the few that do remember go mentally insane. I would rate this book a seven out of ten to the fast pace action and detailed descriptions of the paranormal world.

The Medusa Files by C.I Black
The Medusa Files by C.I Black

The police work is a bit rushed and overlooked in favor of the main story and its characters. Being a fan of forensics, the idea of poor detective work bothered me. The series focuses on the organization whose job is to keep the paranormal world in order and to prevent humans from discovering the kin.


The Medusa Files by C.I Black
The Medusa Files by C.I Black

The writer shows the stereotypes people have about the monsters that go bump in the night and those of urban fantasy. They show that every person has a monster hidden beneath the surface, some just have more control over it then others.

Now, shush, I’m trying to read.

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