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Medusa – A Poem

Luna has been writing for the last twenty years. Her inspiration mostly comes from nature, ancient history and classic literature. But she has also looked up to the great work of poets such as Edgar Allen Poe and Emily Dickens. Because her passion for writing and reading doesn’t stop at sonnets and novels,

Luna has also read Shakespeare and fables by The Brothers Grimm. Wondering where it all began and so the mythologies of the great ancient civilizations awaken her mind and felt the need to write stories that took form in her mind. Luna’s knowledge of history, fantasy and Gothic that she’s studied over the years brought her to where she is today: a writer and researcher for Gothic Bite Magazine.

Luna Nyx Frost
Luna Nyx Frost – Books


I stroll through an endless sea of statues,
taking in every face, every detail.
As they range from human, animal
and the occasional mystical beast.

I reach the center of my stone garden.
I stare at the man standing at the center.
My one true love and my first victim.
The slight hiss is a mere background noise.

I have grown used to the sound while confined here.
My once black hair now nothing more
than a nest of hissing serpents.

That appear to be as restless as myself,
wondering if my eyes were still blue?
I dare not look upon a reflective surface,
knowing it will only bring me pain.

For us so called Gorgons
silence and stone are our only friends
as punishment for pissing off a goddess.

At the beginning I felt smug
knowing Athena’s rage
was directed only at me
but now I wish I had never made
such a foolish mistake.

For a second of passion has led
to centuries of heartbreak.

Luna Nyx Frost
Luna Nyx Frost – Medusa

Luna has always been a fan of Greek mythology and enjoys the legends of both the heroes and monsters of the realm. While watching videos online, she came across a piece based around Medusa and her staring at a mirror as it slowly changes from normal to what she had become. The video was very moving, and it offered her theinspiration for this poem.

Luna Nyx Frost
Luna Nyx Frost – Edgar Allen Poe

You can tell that the writer was able to empathize how Medusa might have felt, given her love of Greek mythology. I particularly enjoy this poem because Medusa is often thought of as a villain. I would like to think she her actions lead her down a path of mistakes and regret, maybe never really being a horrible person.

Luna Nyx Frost
Luna Nyx Frost – Sherwood Asylum: A Book of Poetry

If you’d like to read other poems from Luna, feel free to check out her collection of poems in the book titled Sherwood Aslyum: A Book of Poetry available on Amazon.

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