Angels of Death
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Angels of Death – Review

Being an avid anime fan, many anime viewers are familiar with the historical classics such as Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing, Full Metal Alchemist, Dragonball Z, and Pokemon. I decided to review Angels of Death to offer readers an anime that isn’t well-known. I wanted to suggest an anime that is both fantasy and paranormal. 

Angels of Death Synopsis

After watching the first episode of Angels of Death, since it’s an anime I’ve had on my list to watch for a few months now, Angels of Death. is the story of a girl named Rachel Gardner that, in Sixth Sense fashion, sees the dead and is sent to a psych ward? But instead of a general hospital, she is branded as a sacrifice and must escape the hospital by rushing through various floors and avoiding death. At least for a time.

Angels of Death
Angels of Death

In life, we are wandering; in death, we are complete.

The Good Parts

I tried to keep my reactions to this show even. Graphically, it has a style that reminds me of another show, Gosick, and it’s befitting of the show. What appealed to me the most about this story so far, is that despite Rachel seemingly… emotionless, she still has a high sense of morality.

Angels of Death
Angels of Death

When she tries to take on a lost, injured bird as her companion, only for it to be killed because it was defenseless. It tells a lot about how she quickly develops too when adapting to her new surroundings. She is like a lost bird herself, trying to return home, and must think fast to survive in this environment.

Another good thing about this show, her partner, is Zack/ Isaac Foster, and seems nonchalant. He’s a reaper type, I love reapers, he’s sadistic and witty, he loves to kill, he wants to survive but also doesn’t seem to give a crap about it, I like him, end of story.

The Bad Parts

I have a lot of flaws with this anime. It feels like the show’s theme, while good in hindsight, is way too simplistic in execution. It doesn’t give much on what the story is ultimately about, but maybe I’m just keeping too much of an open mind about it.

Angels of Death
Angels of Death

The villains. Isaac/Zack is nice beforehand, but then we see Rachel’s doctor has a weird eye fetish that isn’t thoroughly explained or expanded upon. He tries to steal Rachel’s eyes because he loves the fear in them. It would have enriched the characters more if the show reveals more of their backstory.

Questing Thoughts

There’s also one in-between question I must ask, or it’s going to weird me out. I feel like this could be explained later, but… why are the villains stuck on just one floor as its keeper? What do they do in their spare time when they don’t have any sacrifices, just loaf around? Kill birds? Are they dead, alive, what?

“That was a real self-satisfied look on your face… But know it’s turning to despair… I’ll give you three seconds. Just try to run away if you can. And be sure to cry, scream, and beg for your life!

Thoughts Overall

The show has some perks to it, but I think that overall, it’s worth at least a try, maybe worth a few episodes before you decide whether to drop it. I give it a six out of ten rating for episode one. Give the show a try and see for yourself.

Using creativity to chase away the demons,

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