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Vulcan: God of Fire

Fire is a destructive entity, or it can be seen as offering warmth or a symbol of passion. In Roman mythology, Volcan the God of fire including the fire of volcanoes, metalworking, and the forge in ancient Roman mythology with his Greek counterpart being Hephaestus, who is also the Greek God of fire and forging.

The Birth of a God

Unlike most children, Vulcan was not a beautiful child, due to an injury his leg was poorly misshapen and never developed properly. Disgusted with his deformity and red face, Juno, the Queen of the Gods shoved Vulcan off Mount Olympus crashing down into the sea. He sunk down to the bottom, where he was rescued by the sea-nymph Thetis, who raised Vulcan as her own.

Godly Gifts

Despite being away from his family on top Mount Olympus, Vulcan had a happy childhood playing with dolphins. One day, upon the shore he noticed the dying embers of a fishermen’s fire and became fascinated with it. Curious, he stole the burning coals and stooled it away to examine more carefully.

Vulcan God of Fire
Vulcan God of Fire

Once back underwater, he was able to recreate the fire, staring at it for hours on end, transfixed by its bright glow. From the fire, he learned that by making the fire hotter, capable of bending the colored metal into bracelets, chains, swords and shields.

The Strength of Family

After seeing Thetis wearing a silver necklace studded with emerald gems, a gift from Vulcan, Juno realized that she had been foolish to reject her son. She struggled to beg her son to return to Mount Olympus failing at the task but was delighted by the gift of a beautifully crafted chair decorated with mother of pearls.

Vulcan God of Fire
Vulcan God of Fire

Unaware of the trap that laid in wait, when she sat in the char metal restraints emerged pinning her to the chair. Juno remained trapped for three days until Jumper intervened. He promised Vulcan that if he released his mother, he would marry him to Venus, the Goddess of love, and he obliged earning a wife who wasn’t always faithful to him.

Vulcanalia Festival

The Vulcanalia is a festival held every year in August in honor of Vulcan. During the festival, large bonfires are lit, with fish and animals being sacrificed by being devoured by flames. Whenever a wild fire occurred Roman citizens intercepted it as a message from Vulcan. The Great fire of Rome occurred in 64 C.E. where a fire occurred and continued to burned for six days straight.

Personal View

Despite the many seminaries between Vulcan and his Greek counterpart Hephaestus, many see Vulcan as the creator of volcanoes despite being known for his skills of blacksmithing. One might feel pity for how Juno treated her son, but without her rejection he may have never discovered his gifts.

Burned it!


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