Spider-man video game
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Spider-man – Game Review

During the last few years the media has been focused on bringing comic books to the big screen. This has extended to new comics and video games being created based on the heroes and villains we grew up reading about. Due to the new release of Spider-man, PlayStation created a new video game based around the famous web swinger. 

Two spiders in one

In the new game, you are not given the same old origin story, instead Peter has been doing the job for a few years and is not working for the Daily Bugle. Instead he’s working under Doctor Octo Octavius as a research assistant.

Spider-man video game
Spider-man video game

During the game, you get to play as Peter Parker and Miles Morales who becomes another version of Spider-man. The game allows you to play as both characters giving the idea of there being two Spider-man in the same universe.

Unknown Villains

Everyone knows that Dr. Otto Octavius becomes the famous super villain Doc Oct, but the game introduces a not so famous villain from the universe called Mr. Negative. After the imprisonment of The Kingpin Wilson Fisk, the demons take over the city run by Mr. Negative himself. It’s later revealed that Martin Li is the new supervillain and was created by experimented tests run by Oscorp. He can brain wash people through touch and bring out their darker side.

Personal Thoughts

I have always been a fan of Spider-man though the more recent versions of him have been a bit disappointing. My first comic book was the Amazing Spider-man and the Sinister Six, which I found at my local library. I enjoyed the sarcastic humor and the playful banter.

Spider-man video game
Spider-man video game

The most recent movies and video games were cheesy and missed the mark. When Spiderman came out for the PlayStation four it felt more like the comic version and not the more annoying updated version. I lack the system required to play the game, but I was able to enjoy a Let’s Play by Jacksepticeye on YouTube. Like him, I enjoyed the story of the game and how it made a connection with the fans both old and new.

Spider-man video game
Spider-man video game

Despite superheroes being overused by the media, the newest video game breathes fresh life into a freshened that has already been used way too many times. The game includes villains that many know and a few that were overshadowed by more popular villains. The game lets you play as three different characters, and each have their own unique stories. Showing a more successful update for the old-time web head.

Now shush, I’m trying to read.


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