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Words are Magic in the Hands of the Right Spellcaster

If you’re an author in the fantasy realm or a business owner of deliciously dark products or services, you already know the power of creativity. You create your thing, whether it’s a book, comic, sculpture, jewelry or art piece, because that’s what you love to do. Because that’s what you’re good at. Because that’s what you were born to do.

Once you’ve created it, you then must tell other people about it.  Nobody’s going to know about your thing, unless you tell them about it. And that’s where many creative people become unstuck.

Who I am and What I do

I’m a Copywriter, Content Writer, and a Childless by Circumstance Mentor and Guide. I live with my husband and furbabies in a tiny seaside village called Birdlings Flat, in New Zealand. I have a BA in Psychology, over twenty-five years of experience working in mental health, and over five years of experience working as a content writer.

Angels of Death
Angels of Death

I’m into vampires, pipe metal music, crochet, horror movies, Type O Negative, books, and Elvis. Also, witchery, Joss Whedonry, and fuckery. Of the mischievous sort.And I’m not just a writer, I’m a Wordcaster.

Doppelganger - The Vampire Diaries
Doppelganger – The Vampire Diaries

I write About Me pages and Sales pages for weird and wonderful businesses and authors. For mental health bloggers and coaches, and for Indie fantasy writers. Because singing our own praises is hard work. But, singing someone else’s praises is my idea of a fun time. Not only do I describe to the world who you are and what you do, I make damn sure that you know how your own uniqueness benefits the world.

Why I’m So Good at What I Do

I spend nearly every waking breath of every day, doing what I do best. What I love, writing. I write vampire novels, short stories, non-fiction books, blog posts, product descriptions, mental health articles, web content, book reviews, lists, and the occasional dirty email to someone who’s annoyed me.

Author - Fiona Tate
Author – Fiona Tate

Because I write fiction, I’m used to writing in different voices and that’s why I can explain you and your work, in your words, with the information you want to tell them I know what it’s like to be forced to function in a world that you don’t feel part of, just so you can get your stuff out there, to get to the people who crave it.

Why Do I Focus on Fantasy Writers and Businesses?

Because fantasy is the stuff I care about. Myths, legends, heroes, villains, the world of magic and magical creatures! Because fantasy writers are the ones that need my help the most. Their heads are full of adventures, world-building, and quests. They don’t have the time or energy left to deal with the mundane. Because these are the people that I like the most. They’re smart, imaginative, passionate, and dedicated to their art. Why would I want to work with anyone else?

My Services and Where to Find Me

I have services for every budget, every genre, every need.

  • About pages
  • Website content
  • Blogposts
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Author research
  • Social Media Posts
  • Product Descriptions

If you need some wordcasting done but you’re not sure if I do it, contact me and we’ll both find out.

Hope the information was helpful,
-Fiona Tate



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