March Comes in Like a Lion
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March Comes in Like a Lion – Review

Being an avid anime fan, many anime viewers are familiar with the historical classics such as Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing, Full Metal Alchemist, Dragonball Z, and Pokemon. I decided to review March Comes in Like a Lion, to offer readers an anime that isn’t well-known. I wanted to suggest an anime that is both fantasy and paranormal.

A game of chance, that’s what life is, and there is always a path that leads you where you belong. That’s exactly the theme that the anime March Comes in Like a Lion takes.

Results are important,
but it’s not results that reach people, Kiriyama.
The world doesn’t revolve around results.”

Takashi Hayashida.

March Comes in Like a Lion Story

This show has been in my list for quite some time, and episode one was popped up on Crunchyroll. It is the story of a teenager named Rei Kiriyama, a prodigious shogi player who lost his family in an accident. Although he is skilled in his craft, he lacks momentum, confidence, and everything in between. He can never find his true colors, and much of the show is spent on him regaining it.

The Good Parts

Graphically, this show is incredible. Every instance of color is wrapped around this blossoming world, and it grows like a flower around Rei, bursting with prosperity and understanding. Even from the first episode. That has to say something.

March Comes in Like a Lion
March Comes in Like a Lion

The best part of this episode was seeing who Rei interacts with a group of three sisters that, despite having so little, offer him a place among their family. They feed him, take care of him, laugh with him, and it feels so close-knit despite us knowing almost nothing about them initially. Personally, I’m someone that hasn’t had a close bond with my family in several years, so to see this development nearly brought me to tears.

The Bad Parts

For a first episode, I really couldn’t find any flaws with this show. It felt complete it splits into two chapters per episode, and they connect brilliantly. Again, it’s a first episode, so I don’t expect them to throw out every single piece of knowledge on Rei, and we even got to see insight into life in his tiny apartment. Which, again, feels relatable and I find it thought-provoking. I can’t wait to watch more on this show.

March Comes in Like a Lion
March Comes in Like a Lion

It is in dubbed and subbed category, so if you’re a fan of slice of life and family life, you will marvel in this show. It will bring you happiness and maybe agony. I suppose I’ll find out once I watch more of the show.

My rating 9/10

Using creativity to chase away the demons,

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