The Yule Tarot Spread

Gothic Bite Magazine

Many tarot card spreads take the form of a wheel or the face of a clock. Some see Yule and Christmas being separate holidays.

There are some including myself, that celebrate both. This twelve card Yule spread occurs on the first day of Yule and ends on New Year’s Eve.

Meaning Behind the Spread

This spread reflects the season of Yule, the holiday many see as a time of celebration and self-reflection.

The tarot spread is designed for the reader to select one card each day reflecting on the cards meaning and its connection to your own life. 

The idea is to focus on one card at a time only on the twelfth day will you look at it as a whole to discover the bigger picture.

Tarot Cards Drawn

The first card is drawn on December twentieth. The day before the winter solstice. The card is placed on…

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