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Queen Mary and the Grapes of Purification – A Poem

For an author it’s important to build a network filled with readers, fellow authors, and publishers to help get your work out there. Part of the vision of Our Fantasy Realm, is to support fellow writers by promoting their work and helping them establish a positive network. By surrounding yourself with a supportive network helps offer you the confidence to believe your art means something to the world. 

Michael Claffey has been writing for last fifteen hears, has been a member of numerous private elite writing groups, has won awards for his poetry and articles featured on his blog. In hopes of reaching a large audience, he has asked to share his work on our blog. He sees his writing as an outlet for negative emotions, and hopes to inspire others with his creativity. 

Daning Queen
Daning Queen

Queen Mary and the Grapes of Purification

Dance, Mary,
dance upon the floorboards.
Dance to the heartbeat of life
and the screaming pulse of the dying.
Let all the room know,
you hold the key in your hand,
the key that puts a glint back in the soldier’s eye
and removes joy from the heart of the tyrant!

Dance Mary,
dance around the room
until the shards of broken glass fade.
Dance until the darkest hour
becomes something new again!
My eyes closing for the dream of night
and whereupon waking, I smile in your delight.

Dance Mary,
beat the floorboards with your majestic trance.
Beat the floorboards to the bouncing dust
as time removes itself from this moment.


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