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Krampus VS. Santa Clause

I was unaware of Santa Clause’s evil twin known as Krampus, until watching Hotel Transylvania: The Series episode, The Fright Before Creepmas. In the episode they explore who Krampus is and what he stands for, yet after doing some research I learned that he can be even scarier than he was portrayed in the cartoon.

While watching Hotel Transylvania: The Series episode, The Fright Before Creepmas, the creature is seen more as a gothic version of Saint Nicolas, giving presents to naughty children through a capitulate. Like on Christmas, the bad children excitedly await in anticipation for his arrival. His scary reputation intimidates others in questioning his judgement.


What is Krampus?

Krampus is depicted as being a creature that is Half goat, half human, with demon blood. The beast has no problem following people of all ages in the streets reminding them of their evilness. He seeks out those that have been wicked to punish them. The horned creature is now a part of the Christmas holiday, known for the use of blackmailing children into behaving throughout the year so that he will not kidnap and devour them.

Watchful Eyes

The idea of scaring children into being good during the month of December reminds me of the Elf on the Shelf. The idea is like Krampus but in a more cheerful way. An elf is placed upon a shelf in one’s home to remind children that someone is watching them to ensure that they are on their best behavior. The rumor is that the elf spies on children and reports back to Santa about their behavior. Either way, parents are using blackmail in hopes of persuading their children to be on their best behavior until Christmas.


Personal View

I was surprised by how popular the creature was especially in Europe. Exposure to the creature is slowly spreading to North America thanks to exposure through the media and Krampus themed festivals and parades. People are intrigued by the demonic entity that serves in opposition to Santa Clause. I think it’s a creative scare tactic to get children to behave if the Elf on the Shelf fails.

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