Welcome to the Krampus Ball & Run

Gothic Bite Magazine

People in ugly sweaters drinking eggnog doesn’t do it for you anymore for Christmas? 

Maybe the opposite of a jolly merry Christmas would appeal more to someone like you and enjoy a haunted Krampus Ball or a run instead soothes your taste better.

Krampus Not For Children

Conceived in 2013, Krampus Los Angeles saw the light of day by artist Al Guerrero as a costumed troupe in honor of a Krampus run known as Krampuslauf.

Hoping to add a spin to the traditional Christmas inspired balls, the Troupe brought in a Krampus expert, Al Ridenour to add authentic details to their event.

Krampus Ball 2017
Krampus Ball 2017

Ridenour produced lectures on who Krampus is with the addition of costumed performers representing figures of the folklore.

The Krampus tradition in Los Angeles has sprung up from the ashes of The Cacophony Society, spearheaded by Al Guerrero and Al Ridenour of The Art…

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