Breaking The Rules

Gothic Bite Magazine

Many people know about the general rules when playing with the Ouija board, some hidden rules and strategies are not common knowledge. 

This breaking of rules led to many stories of horror and terror.

Breaking the Boards

Many people are curious about how to get rid of a board once it becomes possessed by evil spirits.

Many assume that you should burn the board knowing that fire is used to cleanse cursed objects. Some burn sage in hoping that it adds in the effort of removing the spirits.

Ouija Board by Hasbro
Ouija Board by Hasbro

However, burning the boards causes it to scream in pain and releases the spirit trapped within the board.

If you want to destroy an Ouija board, it’s recommended to break the board into seven pieces and burying it.

Some go to the extreme of burying each piece separately with holes in the shape of pentagrams and pouring holy…

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