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Kiss of the Flame by Amber Sewell

Amber Sewell is an upcoming author. Currently she has a story that is being written called Kiss of the Flame. This is a tale about a midwife who finds herself being accused of witchcraft, by the very people that she had for generations nursed back to health during times of grave illnesses, due to a series of events and betrayals. This tale will transport its readers back to a time when being different could invite the fury of one’s neighbors, and even cost you your very life.

The first four chapters, and the preface, can be found on her Facebook Author page just by scrolling through my newsfeed. If you are someone who loves to read, I invite you to check it out anytime you like; and as always, valuing the opinions of those who have read her work.

Kiss of the Flame by Amber Sewell
Kiss of the Flame by Amber Sewell

Kiss of the Flame Preface. Unedited!

Within the pages of this book is the story of my family. It is the tale of our lives, and for some of us a testimony to our deaths. We were a family of women, bound together by love as well as blood. We were also a household that invited the fury of our neighbors upon us, because we were different.

The judgement of our brethren settled itself upon our clan, one by one, for we refused to allow men to rule us, and we dared to stand up and speak out. But the main reason we came to this fate was because we were healers. Something, in our world, that only men could be. I caution you, my dear reader, that this tale will force you to learn for yourself what it’s like to watch everyone you have ever known turn against you and believe you to be a monster.

You will come to understand the fear we endured as our deaths drew near. Some of us by drowning, some of us by the rope, and the most unfortunate ones by the flames. And you will be our witness to the betrayal that stabbed into our very hearts as the people, whom we had for generations nursed from grave illness back into health, and even birth into this world, came to believe, through lies and treacheries, that we were witches.

But be warned, you who is reading my very last words, this journey is as much yours as it is ours. And once you have felt the humiliation of torture, the despair of condemnation, and the biting sting of betrayal, you yourself my never be the same again. I know for those of my bloodline that survived, they never found their way back to the innocence they once had.
As for me my fate is sealed. For with the coming of the light, I will be lead to the stake and burned alive.

I must confess to you, who dares this journey with me, that I am afraid to feel the kiss of the flames upon my skin, but know that I take comfort in your presence.
I can see the dawn breaking now before my very eyes, and I hear the jingle of the jailer’s keys as he comes for me! Open this book quickly and escape my fate for a little while longer, because already the fire reaches out to consume me.

Kiss of the Flame by Amber Sewell
Kiss of the Flame by Amber Sewell

Personal View

It seems unconventional for an author to showcase their work via social media. I think that Amber Sewell is using her author Facebook page to promote her novel hoping to build her network. Many may question her method of supplying her social media account with unedited samples, but perhaps that is her strategy to gaining editors.

Want to read more of this enticing tale? Than check out the other chapters posted here https://www.facebook.com/authoramber.sewell.

Burned it!

2 thoughts on “Kiss of the Flame by Amber Sewell”

  1. I have read these chapters and they are amazing!!! Author Amber Sewell has quickly become one of my favorite authors. I really admire how she put her book out there unedited and unafraid.

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