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The Stars of the Ocean

While watching Finding Nemo, I was intrigued by the introverted but bubbly star fish, named Peach. Unlike the other marine creature’s inhabitation in the fish tank with Peach, she was the only creature that seemed content with their environment. I first saw Finding Nemo, with Luna, she knew how much I loved creatures that live under the sea.

The Star Thrower

In the fable of The Star Thrower, by Loren Eiseley (1907), tells of an old man that stumbles upon a beach covered in star fish washed on shore after a storm. He picks up the star fish one by one and throws them back into the ocean. He explains to a young boy that if he does nothing the sun will kill them.

starfish Peach – Finding Nemp

The boy thinks that the task is daunting because the old man can’t save them all. The old man states that even if he can’t save them all, he can still make a difference by saving as many as he can. Touched by the impact of the lesson, the young boy joins him in the task of saving the sea creatures.

Moral of the Story

We are all presented with the opportunity to help others. The common misconception with helping others, is thinking what’s in it for me? True, there are those rare people, that follow Gandhi’s principle to heart. He believed that we had to be the trend setters, and that by wanting positive change we must model it for others.


He coned the famous phrase, “Be the change you wish to see in the world- Mahatma Gandhi” The second obstacle in creating positive change, is that we’re busy, living our lives. Unless we are asked to participate in charitable work for friends, families, or co-workers, it’s not something we stay focused on unless we are driven by passion or sympathy for an altruistic cause.

Personal View

Chris Bohjalian believed that each person can make an impact on the world, whether by informing others on preserving our earth or by leading by example. By educating others on the importance of recycling and the benefits it has on our oceans can improve plastic pollution our oceans endure. By choosing to recycle less trash fills landfills and reduces the amount of trash that descends into our oceans adding to the pollution.

“A single, ordinary person still can make a difference; and single, ordinary people are doing precisely that every day.”
— Chris Bohjalian

Bohjalian stated that ordinary people are making a difference each day, meaning that by leading by example our actions can influence others to replicate those choices. If your family or neighbor sees you recycling or even cutting the plastic rings to aluminum cans it can start a conversation. Maybe that person was unaware how little time it took to cut those plastic rings, or even lacked the knowledge of the risk it can have on marine life.


People feel enticed to collect these fish and add them to aquariums knowing that these animals will add beauty to their collection.  However, these aquatic animals are not pets and until humans understand the damage and abuse done by their hunt in gaining these creatures, they will forever live their lives in danger.

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1 thought on “The Stars of the Ocean”

  1. A bit of perseverance I feel also plays a part of it. It can easily get demotivated promoting a positive cause if you feel like it’s going nowhere. Progress won’t always come at the desirable rate, and understanding that is also part of committing to those good changes.

    Of course, this is coming from a at times self center guy so there’s still a lot of work to do.

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