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Beyblade – Anime Review

Have you ever watched an anime because you wanted to know more about a character in the show? I watched the first ark of Beyblade after catching a picture of Kai and wanting to know his backstory. The show is based on teams competing in Beyblade battles, which reminds me of a combination between spinning tops and pongs.

Battle of The Beys

A young teen named Tyson enters a Beyblade tournament in Japan defeating Ray and Kai, thus creating the team the Beybreakers adding Max to their team and having Tyson’s friend Kenny being their manager. After winning the Japan completion, they compete in torments held in different parts of the world. They take on the United States and Russia before Tyson becomes the first world campion of beyblading.

Team Members

Tyson is a young teen that comes to Japan looking for a challenging opponent. He ends up winning the first competition he enters becoming the leader of his own team. Tyson is rash and jumps into situations without thinking. His short temper gets him into a lot of trouble, but he is always loyal to his friends and family.

Beyblade – Tyson

Kenny is the manager of the team being the owner of a talking computer named Izzy. He’s in charge of the team’s stats and ensuring the beys are up to date and ready to be used by the team. He is shy yet talkative when it comes to computers and building beys.

Beyblade – Kenny

Kai Hiwatari was a member of the Russia’s team the Demolition Boys before losing his memories and traveling to Japan. When the team compete in Russia Kai retains his memories recalling the harsh training and brain washing, he was put under before escaping. Kai is distant and cold to those he meets yet is loyal to those he considers friends. He’s the oldest on the team making it his job to protect the younger team members from the world.

Beyblade – Kai Hiwatari

Ray Kon is from Japan being a member of the White Tigers before leaving the team. Ray is calm and collective believing in the principle of yin and yang. He is the peacemaker of the group putting a stop to the fights that occur between Tyson and Kai.

Beyblade – Ray Kon

Max Tate is the youngest member of the team who lives in Japan with his father. His mother is in the United States were she coaches the All Stars. Max has a big heart and sees the good in everyone. He is inexperience at the game and is often seeking advice from the older team members.

Beyblade – Max Tate

View of the show

Many people assume that the show is only for the male audience yet like other shows like Yugioh and Pokémon, there are many females that are a fan due to the story and how they can relate to the characters. I would rate the first arc a seven out of ten due to the first part being focused on the bey blading aspect of the show.


The story can seem dull until the second half of the show where the game takes a backseat to the characters.  The series focuses more on the members of the teams and how they overcome their hardships. The main characters all have a different story, yet they need each other to overcome the scars from their past.


Additionally, the show tries to sell its products to the audience by having a toy as the focus point while making the characters more developed to pull in a larger audience. There are more arcs to the show, but I could only get into the first arc of the show losing interest in their ideas for the next generation. The series has the message of how the past can be painful but over time your scars will heal if you have support and love from others.

Now, shush, I’m trying to read.

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