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Nyx the Goddess of Darkness

Many know of my enjoyment of ancient mythology to the point where the middle part of my name is a dedication to the Greek Goddess of the night. Nyx was one of the first Gods created in the universe and is the mother of numerous minor gods. She is one of the few goddesses that is feared by Zeus and is part of the cycle between day and night time.

Mother of Minor Gods

Nyx is a child of Chaos and helped shape the cosmos. With her husband Eretbus or the God of Darkness, she created the minor God of sleep better known as Hypos and death who is known as Thanatos. Hypnos and Thanatos are the only two links to Eretbus.

Symbolism of the Gods

Nyx us the Goddess of Night and the wife of darkness. She is feared by her brother Zeus, who has prevented his rage from being bestowed upon Hypos, who has put Zeus to sleep on Hera’s orders. Her home is in Tartarus, the prison of monsters hidden under the underworld. Nyx is the embodiment of darkness, creating human’s fear of the unknown.

Nyx Greek Goddess
Nyx Greek Goddess

Attraction to the Goddess

The statue of the Goddess is discovered in temples belonging to the other Gods showing respect to the Goddess that is not well known in myth and legends. Nyx is known for being an attractive woman in a black dress surrounded by mist. She rides a chariot with her sons Hypos and Thanatos showing the parallel between sleep and death. In the cult of Nyx twins are named after her sons.

Nyx Greek Goddess
Nyx Greek Goddess

Additionally, Nyx is a shadow form using the fear of the night to strengthen her rank among the Gods. She is the feminine personification of darkness. She is feared by both Gods and mortals due to her mysterious persona. The night is unknown for no ray of light can penetrate it. Even in the modern era we still fear the time after sunset, knowing that under the cover of darkness chaos rules the world.

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      1. thank you I’m glad u enjoyed the article I pick her as park of my name and get many confuse looks so I decided to shed some light on her


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