Bones and Treasures

The Druid of the Moonland

When creating fantasy anthologies, we often forget about what history gave us — Times of crusades, black plague, Renaissance and the best, The Age of Piracy.

Age of Piracy

Many legends come from the era of pirates. Misconceptions and embellished myths surrounding pirates that existed or never did. Welcome, to Bones & Treasures.

Underwater Concept 09

Fantasy covers a variety of legends. Pirates are part of its vast territory. A. Wayne is a pirate nerd ever since she watched the movie Cutthroat Island in theaters when only a child.

She wanted to be a strong woman that no one could mess with, and when old enough, she made research on the subject of piracy and discovered Anne Bonny and Mary Read. Piracy was not unique to men.

How interesting.

Bones & Treasures

The anthology of Bones & Treasures revolves around a crew of pirates eager to find an artifact of history and…

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