Sofia the First
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Sofia the First – Review

Disney has always used their films to teach valuable lessons to their audience. Offering lessons through their movies and television shows. Sofia the First premiered on Disney Junior running for four seasons. Starting in 2012. The series taught young children the characteristics of the Disney princesses and what it takes to become a hero.

Becoming a Princess

Sofia and her mother Maranda live in the village as cobble or shoemakers. They are invited to the palace to create shoes for King Rolland II where the two fall in love and become married. Sofia moves into the castle and is introduced to her step siblings James and Amber. She now spends her life learning to become a proper princess and learning more about the amulet of Avalon a gift from her father that grants her magical powers.

Sofia the First
Sofia the First

Princess Interaction

Throughout the series the viewers are shown the different abilities Sofia’s amulet contains. When Sofia is in trouble another princess will appear and give her a hand or a life lesson. Even when Sofia or her sister Amber do something bad and are punished by the amulet, they are still given princess advice. Except for Anna, Elsa, Moana, and Pocahontas every Disney princess has made an appearance in the show.

Sofia the First
Sofia the First

Role Models for the Modern Age

Many young girls grow up watching Disney hoping to live vicariously through the princesses. Many people argue that these women are poor role models focusing on finding a prince and living the rest of their life in a castle. The show address this by introducing the princess based on their personalities and life lessons instead of their looks.


I would give the series a seven out of ten rating. The show is teaching young children life lessons but at the same time using characters that older people have grown up with. The music is sometimes on point but there are times were the music is a bit cartoonish and the episodes feel more educational.


Moreover, the show is a way to introduce a younger audience to the Disney princess era. Each princess is given their own episode and are given situations to be a role model for Sofia. There are episodes where the young princess is alone and is taught lessons by her family and animal friends. In the end Sofia is not only a princess but a defender of her kingdom showing that there is more to being a princess then fancy dresses and tiaras.

Now, shush, I’m trying to read.

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